Dr.Oky Pratama


It is famous saying that “A good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”. Today we are talking about one of the well-known and reputable doctors of Indonesia whose name is Dr. Oky Pratama. He is a wonderful and amazing Aesthetic Doctor. He has studied at the America Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He was born in Jambi, educated and grown up there. He started his first clinic in 2018, now operating five clinics. He has vast experience and knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine, anti-aging, and Plastic surgery.

Dr. Oky Pratama clinics run under the name Bening’s clinic and his skincare brand is named Bening’s skincare. He has enormous experience and treated many patients that’s why his Bening’s skincare center is growing day in and day out. Now he has recently built a new clinic in one of an expensive area in Jakarta.


He is using the latest knowledge and technique to treat the patient relates to skin issues. He has expressed his views in one of the interviews that he has several lasers, like Pro Yellow, a laser with a wavelength of 577nm. This laser has many benefits. For instance, to overcome telangiectasia or dilation of blood vessels on the face. Some cases can even disappear with just one treatment. He further added that Pro Yellow becomes a promising laser solution because patients can have brighter, clearer and glowing skin, without dowse-time or camping effects. This laser also has the benefit of a Ministry of Health register certificate so that it is fit for distribution and is suitable for use. He said it is safe and the patient feels calm. Not only that, but the company also wants customers who buy equipment to always update their knowledge and skills by sending them to get supplies at home and abroad.

Indeed, the disease is harmful to health not only antibiotics will cope out from that danger but also cure and care. These rampant diseases are easily spread and damage the parts of the body but it also makes harm to our appearance and makes a change in the skin as well. He elaborated that good looks have become the demands of the Age, and everyone is demanding to look attractive and do not want to look old.

To bring change in the world, he first stepped towards his homeland, he becomes a pioneer to open a clinic there, being native of the small city in Indonesia he chose that, as his clinic site to serve the peoples of Indonesia. His plans not ended here, he is planning to open another clinic of Bandar Lampung and Pekanbaru. He will start soon skincare products, from the tip of the hair to the foot. He is always curious for knowledge and has never been satisfied with what he has gained, so he always seeking for the knowledge. He has conducted many seminars and awareness sessions related to skincare.

Dr. Oky hopes that the world of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging in Indonesia will get better day by day with the usage of modern research and technology. The research and technology have played a wider role in medical science so Dr. Oky believes in the use of modern and latest techniques to cure skin problems.

Dr. Oky Pratama has a wonderful personality. He has more than 524K followers on his Instagram account @dr.okypratamaa and more than 19.1K subscribers on Youtube Channel with the Name Dr. Oky Pratama Dipl. AAAM. His fan following is increasing day by day. He loves his profession and he is very much passionate about his job. He loves to care for his patients and in return he gets love.

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