Life is the name of many ups and downs, and those ups and downs are crucial to keeping moving us on the straight path. Since failure does not mean the end of efforts, but it is an opportunity to begin once again more intelligently, and even sometimes we need to lose small skirmish to conquer wars and the prime thing which successful people usually do that they consider failure as the positive signal towards success. Likewise, an entrepreneur is not a person who merely owns a business, though he is the one who sometimes makes things happen in his life. Similarly, Andrew Cordle is the illustration of such an entrepreneur.

Andrew Cordle, a professional entrepreneur, educator and real estate investor who was born on 20th July 1982 in the capital and a special commune of Italy, Rome. He set his business as a successful real estate rainmaker investor in Atlanta by the age of 25. However, in 2008, he confronted a colossal loss and dispossessed of each and everything, but he keeps going on from failure to failure without losing hopes and enthusiasm to chase his vision. So he began to hold life-changing public speaking and gathering where he shares his entrepreneurial business skills with them and it was the restoration moment of his triumphant entrepreneur life once again, and thus he became an entrepreneurial oratory in 2015.

Moreover, in 2019 Andrew Cordle has taken hold of the opportunity to deliver the huge convention of 50k students publically willing to change their lives and giving rise to their income. The major rationale of his discussion always begins with the topic of money along with that he also tries to straighten out fears, misunderstandings, and misconceptions of the students.

During his newly initiated campaign, Andrew and his team traveled to the various places where they also had interviewed with the well-known personalities including Josh Altman, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, Kevin O Leary, and Gary Vaynerchuk, and put forward a proposal to provide more pecuniary support and empowerment.

Here is one snapshot of video of Andrew with media powerhouse Gary Vaynerchuk discussing empathy, wealth and generosity.


Furthermore, by his team determinations and efforts, the campaign attracted many entrepreneurs including celebrity entrepreneurs not nationally, but globally who are eager to extend their financial IQ and social network excessively. Meanwhile, he also got off the ground another initiate, Power Room which he created personally to establish an entrepreneurial and financial private network for alike mind entrepreneurs, and it offers three memberships: Suite, Elite and Retreat to its networking group.

Besides his professional life, Andrew Cordle also does humanitarian services as he thinks that the greater way to find yourself is to involve yourself in the service of serving humanity, and therefore he and his team traveled to the small village of Cantarranas in central American country, Honduras to build the houses for needy people to meet the basic necessity of the life.

Being a generous and dynamic personality, Andrew Cordle has a huge fan following over Facebook and Twitter. He has 10k followers along with his 2.3k tweets, and similarly, there is the massive following of 472k followers over Facebook. Along with that he also has a YouTube channel, where he shares his talk-shows with the celebrities as well as the most experienced journey videos.

Andrew Cordle is a miraculous personality who never lose hope despite losing his business; he did not lose his passion, and courageously gave the name of experience to his failure, and though he is not merely the inspiration for entrepreneurs, but for all of us, because he always thinks that if you can dream it then you can do it.

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