Today we are talking about a young, beautiful, confident, intelligent and adventurous Candial Model whose name is Andrea Sokolowski (@Andreamilanco). Self-driven lifestyle and pure confident way of life can be a dream but that is normal for some people who are exclusives. Andrea is one of such rare personalities in the world of Showbiz. Andrea was born in a small town Edmonton in Canada on November 21, 1997, now she is 23 and a full-fledged professional in modeling, willing to work internationally, free of boundaries but at the time her identity is as a Maxim model who was featured and published in the Maxim Australia in its edition for February 2019, she was in Bali in last year November. Andrea’s motto for life is “Go where you feel most alive, Keep chasing moment”, which is a real representative of her adventurous life.

Andrea grew in her home with her mother of Spanish origin and her father with a Polish tongue while she learned English in her mixed life atmosphere so which resulted in her multilingual identity which is an extra beneficiary and very helpful in her regular life.

Andrea is really a beautiful model gifted with tanned skin, athletic body, and brown eyes. She is proud of her complexion that makes her special. She has recently worked with BMW cars as a model and is still enthusiastic about more projects in her line of business for what she admits that she has learned how to hustle.

Andrea is not a model by birth and when she was 17, she wanted to be a pilot, but beauties dragged her attention to the colorful world of Showbiz which proved to be a suitable selection of her nature.

She describes herself as a good listener and that she loves making people laugh, she feels very sexy on hot summer days with no makeup, wearing a bikini, lying on the beach. She is highly rationalistic about her ideologies and thinking about Men. She is of the opinion that men are interested in general, but women should be straightforward with them. She is of the opinion that women like honesty, initiatives of men while talking women, they like men with confidence, patience, adventurous nature, intelligence and having full energy.

Andrea loves nature and wants to be next to the ocean every morning she wakes up.  She is hardworking and enthusiastic about her fun full life and she had achieved what she had dreamt for.  She likes to see sharks and play saxophone and watch “Sex and the City” and pray for her bright, peaceful and joyful future every night before going to bed.

Andrea’s active presence on social media platforms like Instagram fortifies her abilities and her part in the Showbiz industry. Her expeditious nature helps her professional skills to be developed and be promoted. In this way, she collects fame and enhances her business.  She has a strong desire to enjoy her life, she is eager to travel wide, she wants to develop and expand herself as an independent individual. She is optimistic about her profession and personality and her current position and well-built ambition for her work is a surety of her success.

Andrea is loved all around the world within the Showbiz industry as she has won the attention of many companies for enhancing their sale with the contribution of her esteemed professional features as well the Maxims and outside.

Andrea’s fan following is increasing day by day on social media because of her beautiful look and charming personality. She is liked and loved by many peoples around the Globe.

Here are a few beautiful photos of Andrea;


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