Severino Ricci (@italy2california)


Today we are glad to talk about a multi-talented personality of Italy, Severino Ricci. Italy based Severino, who has been associated with a large list of occupations to serve the community. The philanthropic nature of Ricci has encouraged him to put his restless contributions in community-based projects.

Severino Ricci was born and raised in San Severo, but he is currently based in Milan Italy. Ricci is certified in International Law from California Southern University. Besides that, he is also well equipped with the knowledge of business economics as a master’s degree holder in International Business from Ashworth College. As for as his occupation is concerned, Ricci has been serving as a Customer Service Manager and Brand Ambassador of a multinational company named as, Jaquar Group of Company Italy.

The love for traveling dragged Ricci to join as a tourism ambassador of a well-known tourist platform, “Visit Oceanside Organization”. The main purpose of a company is to provide a complete traveling guide to the tourists. In order to make traveling memorable, Oceanside incorporates a wide list of facilities including, where to live, dining, and things to do, family activities, bike trails, beaches, and whale watching.


Severino Ricci while working as Oceanside Tourism ambassador for Italy facilitating tourists to explore the Oceanside views of southern California. Ricci with his enthusiasm for traveling is trying to make a great traveling experience while making memorable vacations worth spending money on it. With more than 10K followers on his Facebook page named as, ‘From Italy to California’, he is well equipped to provide traveling awareness for the bag packers. To make your vacations perfect, his page has a comprehensive guideline in the shape of photoshoots and video shots to explore the city for traveling awareness.

The philanthropic personality of Severino Ricci is also associated with a list of community-based companies working on philanthropic projects. Severino Ricci is a proud member of COBO Bottles, the company well known for producing and selling appealing structure of reusable multipurpose bottles.  COBO Bottles is a partner company of Wild Swell, based on a motto of “Live, Give and Heal” program. COBO Bottles has dedicated its 100% profits to Wild Swell Program, which is working on funding philanthropic projects around the globe.

Severino Ricci is an iconic personality with more than 73 million followers on his personal Instagram account, where Ricci is sharing his edits of everyday routine on pursuing his passion for, fitness, traveling, and advertising. The love for traveling and exploring the history of the hidden places of Oceanside has made him dominant for a traveling guide. People around the globe get amused by his mesmerizing edits of exploring the beauty of Oceanside and the city side. The photographic edits and video shots of nature have captured the heart of people across the globe searching for perfect vacations.

Severino Ricci is an Oceanside Tourism Ambassador, COBO bottle Ambassador, Jaguar Italy Ambassador, and Bat Max Training Ambassador. He is responsible for the management of all customer service activities. He is also related to Logistics departments of different sectors.

Severino Ricci is very much passionate about traveling, Social Media and Advertising. Many people’s views about Severino Ricci is that “he is a positive, confident, determined, and result-oriented individual who has a strong capability to work efficiently as a team member, problem-solver, and excellent communicator”.

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