Mo Power215 (@Mo_215)


Life is always full of challenges. There is no such concept of avoiding the odds of life. Human beings eventually and naturally go through many ups and downs, sometimes leading to intense depression and hopelessness. Giving up on the hurdles of life is not a workable and practical solution. One needs to strive really hard in order to achieve the required stability and success in life. The hardships and bad times are not that easy to overcome and stay firm and positive to get motivation for dealing with it. One must have certain capabilities and has to put great efforts to fight for survival.

MoPower is also one of those strugglers who firmly believe in the concept of “Survival for the Fittest”. He has started his career to get himself and his family out of the never-ending struggle of poverty. Being born and raised in a third world country the Republic of Haiti formerly known as Hayti, took his family and attempted to move to the United States just in a hope to find a solution to their struggle of the shortage of enough money to survive. Luckily, he found an opportunity to come out of his struggling life and grow as a hardworking person and successful enough so that he can secure the basic needs and wants of his family. He grabbed the opportunity of becoming a salesperson in the well-known and worldwide famous German global automobile label and division of Daimler AG Mercedes Benz. Just as he started his professional career, he kept on becoming financially stable and soon overcame the biggest problems in his life and gets indulged in performing some productive chores as well. Along with the motivation and moral support of his parents, he decided to serve the citizens of his hometown as a token of his success and prosperity. Right after becoming quite stable financially, he opened up an orphanage for the innocent Haitian kids who do not have their parents in this world anymore.

It is true saying that “Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman”. The credit of the successful life that MoPower is enjoying today goes to none other than his mother. The positive thoughts and the strong belief of his mother made him capable enough to get the courage of changing his bad times into good ones. His mother always tried to encourage him and gave him the hope that he will be a successful man one day. The inspiration was given by his mother never let him feel dishearten and made him realize that life may get harder but to become successful there is only one way and that is working hard continuously.

Along with working as an effective salesperson in Mercedes Benz Toyota of Philadelphia in the United States, he is also an innovative entrepreneur. He tries to learn new things from his colleagues at his working place to get more knowledge about his profession. He has followed the professional tips given by his experienced co-workers that have helped him to achieve the targets of his job in order to make more money and in doing so he would never struggle again as he once used to do in Haiti.


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