Chris Waiau


Everyone in the world has a dream to strive for. Although, some just surrender before it, while others pursue. One who aims at achieving the targets needs to overcome the hurdles on his way. Indeed, we find a lot of examples of people who just don’t give up before the hardships in their life. Chris is also among those who just not only managed to tackle his career hardships but also make those challenges into opportunities. In the meantime, he has successfully built his career as an artist while facing family problems. Currently, he is well known for his Guitar Tech and Bassets skills. Along with he is also an online music merchant seller. He is affiliated with some popular Musical Bands and Electronic companies.

Chris is foremost known for his Guitar Tech and Bassist skills. He has been in the business for a couple of years. While being an artist, it is not easy to earn a piece of bread. Indeed, one must cover a large spectrum of the arena. Hence, Chris provides several services related to Guitar tech which include Touring Guitar, Bass setups, repair and maintenance, Pedalboard setups and custom cables. He does a soundcheck to ensure that the equipment is working well. If there are any problems, his job is to replace or repairs the faulty components or equipment. He also performs live or studio bass duties.  Meantime, he has successfully earned a reputable name in the Guitar Tech market.

Chris is also a merchant seller. Though, everyone in the world has a passion for something to fall in love with. Meanwhile, Chris has made Guitar tech and music instrument his passion for life. Though he does not want to confine himself within the arena of an artist, he seeks to provide a lot more than just services. Therefore, he sells music merchants online. While there is much competition in the market, although, one thing layouts him is his proficiency in this profession. He is not only a music merchant like most of the other merchants, but he also has deep professional connectivity with these musical instruments. As a result, he also guides and helps his customers in tuning up with this musical tech.

Chris has been endorsed as a professional Guitar Tech and Bassist by a number of electronic companies. Meantime, Darkglass Electronics comes at the top. It is a handmade bass guitar equipment company based in Helsinki, Finland. Chris has long been remained affiliated as a profound artist with the company. Similarly, he is also associate with Spector basses, which is a guitars manufacturer company that started in Brooklyn New York in 1976 by Stuart Spector and Alan Charney. The Company is distinctively known for its iconic designs of guitars. It has provided its customers with the legendary two series; USA series and EURO series. Last but not the least, Chris is being in league with DSM noisemaker for years. It is a pedal making company that is popularly known for its mind-blowing pedal designs.

Being a Bassets requires a lot of artistic skills. Chris is not only a basset, but he is also an artist. Meanwhile, in his to-date career experience, he has worked with several musical bands, along with that he has also performed in many shows. Chris has been remained affiliated with a lot of bands, Suicidal tendencies have largely been abided with him. Similarly, he has worked with some popular musical bands including; “As I Lay Dying”, and “After the Burial”.



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