Have you ever listened to the beautiful song “lotto” on the most popular European online audio distribution platform “SoundCloud”? If yes, then you are one of the 20,0000 viewers of Twantooinked. But if you are still unaware then that is your fault, so hurry up and turns out to be a part of the popular world that awaits you.

Today we are talking about the musician, whose name is Antwan Toney, he is famous with the name of Twantooinked.  He got his early education from Overland High School, Aurora, Colorado after that he studied at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Music is the food that the soul lives on and the artist makes its melodies easy, fantastic and digestible for the best results. Here you see, an energetic and lively young, Twantooinked, named in music as “lil ink”.  He has won the attention of millions of users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on music distributors sites like SoundCloud and many more. You can also meet Twantooinked on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify to listen to his heart touching songs. The quality of his sound and composition of lyrics is so fascinating that feels you enjoying the world of imaginations.

Twantooinked in a short time span of two years won the higher ranks on the global music showground having millions of followers and fans untiringly listening to his songs. This feature of Twantooniked’s personality is well understandable in his stand as a brand ambassador on social media.

Twantooinked lifestyle is not a daydream but a symbol of practicality and untiring determined work on a perfect path. He won his goal as a prominent music artist, working passionately in association with skilled producers. He sings selected heart touching lyrics of the time and utilizing the most effective platforms i-e social media for his promotion.

This portrayal of Twantooinked personality is a lesson for the young generation who are willing to earn a name and fame especially the youths in the music industry.

The primary thing here is to be noted is the zeal, the enthusiasm, the fervor and heartily love for the profession, this is the key to success, this is the comfort you can achieve and enjoy while working, this makes your job interesting and shiny. Twantooinked love for his profession makes him a wonderful artist.

The lifestyle of Twantooinked is about teamwork and spirit. He believes that teamwork features multiply your abilities and makes the job easy to get the best results and outputs. Teamwork needs to have tolerance and a spirit of recognition and cooperation gains.

Another lesson from the life of Twantooinked is the selection of quality work to perform, as he got into the song “lotto”. The lyrics of the song embody a mesmerizing appeal which multiplies the sound effects of the artist. Twantooinked promotes by using the most effective social media networks like SoundCloud, which connect millions of peoples around the world, this provides a vast consumer market and repay you more.

Twantooinked is a source of inspiration for many young people who are afraid to take initiative. His songs are very appealing and touch to the hearts of people.

You can also console your heart and soul, by listening to his songs.

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