Malvina Landen

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The film industry or motion industry is probably considered as the broadest professional field that has a lot of creativity involved in each and every step of its execution. Making a film includes many such creative and technological programs that are precisely crucial. These programs involve a wide variety of steps such as production, animation, visual effects, acting, makeup, and sound designing, and many other phases. Since the very start of the 21st-century film making has become a leading industry in multiple aspects. It is a sort of a profession that keeps on growing bigger by each passing day. Cinematography or picture-making is not only limited to the produce a moving picture but there is a huge scope of movie making both on a bigger and smaller scale. With the advancement in the media channels and the introduction of sophisticated gadgets and telecommunication networks, the room for movie making is expanding rapidly around the globe.

Malvina Landen is one of those great film producers who are successfully producing innovative movies during the 21st century when the film industry is booming at its peak. The beautiful and talented producer defines herself as a free artist and an eternal explorer of the human conditions. Along with producing films, Malvina Landen is also exceedingly engrossed in photography, writing and counseling as well. Malvina Landen has been working as a producer and associate producer for multiple films released in Canada and the United States.

Malvina Landen is a wonderful writer. She has expressed her view on her website that “I genuinely can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. Words are the truest reflection of my soul signature, and while this life has taken me into many directions and I am forever curious about an infinity of things, my words have been with me the longest. I write to spread Light in a world that is capable of being so much more than our current status quo would suggest. I write because words are my greatest gift in this life; they come to me from a source that is much wiser than I am in my temporary human form. They are an expression of Love, and that’s what I want my legacy to be: Love: The genuine, unconditional kind that this society has strayed so far from but is starving for”

She has written beautiful articles on “New decade, same existential issues”, “The meaning of life (after death)”, and on “From falling flat to growing wings in the City of Angels or the true power of self-love”. These articles are liked by many peoples around the Globe.

The multi-talented Malvina Landen is also famously known for the films FSM (2015), Sign (2016), Precipice (2019), Common Threads (2016) and Crushed Wings (2019). Most of her work is related to the short films that are based on some behavioral conditions of human beings in routine life. When it comes to producing a film, Malvina Landen’s writing and photography skills are like a cherry on the top of a cake. Since production involves numerous fragments such as arranging to finance, selecting a relatable and interesting script, engaging in writing and directing and monitoring the editing; therefore a producer having multiple expertise gives a unique combination that is more likely to result in production of an innovative movie that is suitable for the competitive era of film industry nowadays. The skills and abilities of Malvina Landen are a great resource for the film industry where innovative content is highly required on a continual basis.


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