Monika (@Geiszm)


Since the pace of the internet has taken charge of all the routine tasks in our lives, multiple things have become truly vital for us to adopt so that we can stay up to date. Social media is one of these “MUST HAVE” trends that are playing a very crucial role in our daily life nowadays. The captivating content that circulates on social media networks possesses a great power to change the cognitive and behavioral acts of the users to a much bigger extent. Social media content is extremely influential particularly when it comes to following any new trends.

Surprisingly, the diffusion of social media channels has given birth to the “Social Media Celebrities”. They are common people who have a great fan following on social media networks due to various reasons. Thus, in order to attract social media users, the renowned brands are hiring these Social Media Celebrities as their brand ambassador. These Social Media Celebrities are often called as fashion influencers.

Monika Geiszm is one of an amazing fashion influencer on social media. The 5 feet 10-inch-tall fashionist belongs to the beautiful city of Budapest. She has grown up with having great positive energy that has led her to become a fashion influencer and a motivational personality at the same time. Currently, she is residing in Los Angeles (United States), she works as a personal fitness trainer. The enthusiastic and energetic Monika has also acted as a model.

Monika Geiszm is very active on social media and she has a great fan following on various platforms of social media. She has over 22k followers on her Instagram page. Her fan following is increasing day by day because of her unique lifestyle.

She shares motivational sayings on her page, recently she has posted one of the beautiful quotations of William Shakespeare “Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart. If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.”

She also shares her workout picture and videos on the social media, that inspires many peoples around the Globe.


She loves and enjoys boxing. She said in one of the comments that “I enjoy boxing but there is nothing hotter to me than a man who knows how to throw a punch. I know that MMA killed boxing but there is just something about going toe to toe that gets my Scorpio blood boiling.”

Monika Geiszm has a unique lifestyle and her fitness and workout videos are liked by many people around the Globe. With the help of social media, she has inspired many peoples Worldwide. She is a wonderful fashion influencer, gym trainer and motivator.

The inner beauty of Monika Geiszm cannot be ignored. “I do not care about your Social or Financial status. I bond with people who think, feel and love deeply. That is my tribe” says the beautiful hearted Monika Geiszm.









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