Meiling Jin

Meiling Jin

It is common knowledge that hard work pays off, but only a few people put in the effort to see it. Meiling Jin is one of them. Meiling Jin is a Chinese 28-year- old, she is the Founder of Studio Meiling Productions, a TV producer, Model, Actress, Video/Photo Editor and the Top journalist on China’s largest social network, QQ.

She has paved her way to success and did not have an easy childhood. Growing up in China was very difficult for Meiling. Her biological father was physically abusive to Jin’s mother and divorced her when Jin was only 2 years old. Until the age of 15, Meiling could only see her mother once a year because her mother was a migrant worker and could only get Chinese New Year as a holiday. During this time, Meiling used to live with her maternal grandparents. However, life with them was not a walk in the park as they were very conservative. In an interview with Windy City Chimes, she recalls that her grandparents were insistent that she was constantly studying. Her grandfather used to give her extra assignments just so she could be in school for longer hours. According to Meiling, her grandparents were very loving but were also very strict.

Life at home was hard for Meiling, but the school was a piece of cake. She was a victim of bullying and was called ugly not only by her peers but also by her gymnastics/dance teacher. She was actively discouraged from the art of dance and at age 7, she stopped dancing. She remembers a particularly difficult time in her life when she was only 12 years old and had suicidal thoughts and considered ending her life. She adds that she is very happy she did not take that route because her life soon turned over a new leaf.

At the age of 15, Meiling’s mother married an American man and they moved to the United States. Meiling started to write about her life, on the online platform QQ, in the United States and how it was completely different than her life in China. Initially, her blog posts would only get around a thousand readers per post but now most of her stories get between 100,000 to 400,000 readers per post. The highest number of readers she has is about 1,000,000. Currently, her posts revolve around the topics of the American lifestyle, American college life, and current events. She is very popular in China and has even appeared in China’s biggest online newspaper, China Daily. She has over 58 million readers on her website and the number will continue to grow. On Sina Weibo, she gets over 600,000 views per month on her stories; she also has gained over 48,000 registered on the website.

She is now very prominent in China as well for her contribution to the Chinese Industry and her work is being showcased alongside China’s top models. She has worked with famous fashion companies such as Valentino, Boohoo, Akira, JJ’s House dress and SHEN.

She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. She has put the degree to good use and has interviewed countless famous celebrities. She has interviewed numerous famous celebrities such as John Legend, Ian Somerhalder, Patrick Stewart, Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Stenberg, Chelsea Handler, Hailee Steinfeld, and Damien Chazelle.

Her contribution is not overlooked by the media; she was acknowledged as one of the Top 20 Chinese Freelance Journalists of 2010 on the International Bloggers Festival and was a finalist on Miss World University 2012 China Station.

Meiling Jin is a Journalist, Producer, and Influencer. She is very interested in Travel, Fashion, and Yoga. She is truly an inspiration to many; she gives hope to young people on how to not give up.  She went from being a suicidal victim of bullying to being one of the most influential personalities in China.

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