The Lighter Side Podcast


With the evolution of technology, the whole world is considered a village. It is widely denoted as a “Global Village”. The technology made the connections easier and affordable, minimizing the routes of wider distances. The constraints of getting connected with people across the globe have been removed with speed and technological advancement. Technology and social media platforms made it easier to connect with a like-minded group of people across the globe.

Today, we are going to talk about a similar kind of community-based on a podcast, “The Lighter Side podcast”. This podcast community was specially established to support the over-weighted people across the globe. The lighter Side podcast is famous for sharing the funny story by fat people, who are struggling to lose their weight. People with fat bodies across the globe share their weight loss strategies. The podcast is not only based on the over-weighted group of people, but anyone can join it to listen and get amused by the funny stories of people around the globe.

The podcast was designed and developed by Jay Casale, based in Manalapan, city of New Jersey. Jay Casale was a fat guy with a weight of more than 300 pounds. He initiated the podcast with his own story based on weight loss strategies. He shared his funny story on how hard it was for him to lose weight.

The Life of Jay Casale was not fat before. In his early childhood, Jay was a cute little boy until he reached his teenage. During his high school, Jay was eligible to fulfill his dream towards pursuing a career in Music Theater. At an initial level, Jay Casale tried several dieting strategies, and with Nutrisystem, he successfully lost 100 lbs then Jay gained all it back. In 2010, Jay was only recognized as a big fat guy with a weight of 375 lbs. In order to decrease his weight, Jay decided to join Weight Watcher to maintain a smart and grooming personality for his wedding. Successfully once again he could manage to lose his weight. Jay maintained a handsome body shape until he had his first baby girl. The good news of baby girl accompanied by another bad news of the loss of his grandmother. Slowly and gradually his body reached as higher as 299 lbs.

Jay went to Weight Watcher again. But, with the evolution of social media, Jay joined a social media group of community-based on weight loss strategies. But it did not the makeup. With the disappointing group conversation and outcome, he decided to make his own group named as “The Lighter Side”, which was based on supporting over-weighted people. In less than six months the community grew with more than 20K group members, sharing their funny stories of weight-loss strategies, but the social media platform was not effective. In order to make it a more effective and permanent sort of community, Jay decided to convert it into a podcast named “The Lighter Side Podcast”.

However, the struggle of Jay Casale towards weight loss does not end here. By the birth of his second baby girl, Jay Casale got weighted with 344 lbs. In the end, Jay went for a permanent solution to cut down his fat body by Weight Loss Surgery on 17 April 2018, all ended up with a surgical process.


Jay Casale shared his funny and inspiring story of losing his weight to create encouragement and support for people with fat across the globe. With “The Lighter Side Podcast” Jay Casale has spread a message for the fat body shaped people that “You are not alone with the struggle”.

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