Luxury Activist


It is famous saying that “Luxury is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things’’. In today’s world luxury things are becoming the passion of people everyone wants to search and buy the most beautiful and luxurious things, for this purpose they read magazines and webzines. The concept of webzine is derived from a magazine that starts published form the 17th century, but nowadays the world has changed to the online source of information.

Here on the internet, many websites are generally publishing a variety of content that is useful for many users. The Luxury Activist is one of the most popular and renowned international webzines about luxury news, fashion updates, fragrance reviews, timepiece product launches, art exhibits, designs, hi-tech and more.

The reader from all over the World enjoys the article of Luxury Activist International Webzine. Luxury Activist is the members of the Swiss electronic press and media syndication. The team of this amazing webzine believes that the Internet is a great way of sharing information with people around the globe and they believe in the digitalization and they are very much passionate about this. is an international webzine owned by José Amorim. José Amorim founded back in 2011 and since then, other authors joined the team. This is a well-organized and standardized website that is maintained by highly skilled experts. Luxury activist is outperforming online magazine it is ranked as the top 75 best luxury and fashion blogs on the planet. It is ranked by Freedspot based on several data and standards and this webzine is ranked number 18. This widespread webzine is followed by more than 12K people on Facebook.

Luxury Activist have different categorizes on the their website which gives tips and information about their section that includes the segment of luxury news which contains all tips and information about events, guidance for reader about how to improve brand image, how to give meaningful gift to women, what are the luxury item that are important for one’s life, giving information about the sales days like Black Friday.

It contains a category of Travels on their website that gives useful information about beaches, landscapes for enjoying, how and where to spend a holiday, information about beautiful places in the world.

It also includes the articles that depict the information about fashion for example what are the luxury products and their usefulness in our life, what will be budgeting for luxury items, what are the dressing impressions, methods of wear dresses, how to get loans for starting fashion company.

Moreover, it also covers the articles that show the information relating to various kinds of watches and are reasons for wearing a luxury watch, what kind of luxury watches are available on shops under a certain price. It has information about a variety of luxury perfumes and their brand’s information.

It is well said that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” These wonderful lines portray the image of teamwork of Luxury Activist. The whole team has a great spirit and a high level of passion under the leadership of José Amorim. The management of Luxury Activist feels proud that this online independent magazine is operating and hosting from Switzerland.

Luxury Activist is the best source to see the luxurious things that can fulfill the passion of luxury.



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