Alivia Franzone (@Aliviafranz)


The world has witnessed lots of people who have pulled themselves out of troubles and emerged high on their feet with enhanced courage and enthusiasm. They have proven themselves as worthy and demonstrated their skills with greater zest and zeal. Their remarkable contributions towards improving the downtrodden around them show how they have learned the strongest of the lessons of life and used those to make the world a better place for the others around them. Today we are talking about one of the beautiful, shiny and attractive stars, Alivia Franzone, who has made her name and fame with great struggle and hard work.

She is a native of Detroit and a Bachelor of Arts and communications from Michigan State.  She’s an advocate and survivor of domestic violence. Currently living in Potomac Maryland, this gorgeous lady is a philanthropist; a super mom; fashion and beauty icon and a lifestyle expert. She’s been selected the Mrs. Georgetown DC 2018 eventually participated in the Mrs. DC America 2018 pageant where she won the title of Mrs. DC America’s most fabulous face of 2018.

She has established her hair business in 2016 through launching a website that providing the highest quality hair.


A fashionista and style blogger Franzone is a true personification of feminism standing out for her style and beauty leaving her prints on other women around her and impress them to stand out like her and fight all the odds around them. She got her own trademark in November 2018 with the name ALIVIA FRANZONE which covers cosmetics dealing in cosmetics, sunglasses, sex toys, jewelry, umbrellas, handbags, shoes, collectible dolls and poles for use in pole dancing.


A super mom of two cute kids, Alivia knows the values of having a family and respects the emotions and feelings of the family life. A survivor of domestic violence, founder of @mhmfoundationinc, and an awesome socialite Alivia Franzone has dedicated her life for the cause of survivors of domestic violence and emotional well being of their families especially children. To achieve this cause, she has founded an organization named mothers helping mothers on November 1st, 2018. The sole purpose of this organization is to end domestic violence. The intent to achieve this goal by using their 4 E’s method. Those are Elevate, Educate, Empower and Encourage. They believe that like mothers have the power to give birth to new beginnings they also have the power to create and give birth to change. Mother helping mother foundation is a nonprofit organization established to raise funds and collect resources for domestic violence victims. Its overall goal is to educate and empower individuals who may currently be experiencing domestic violence situations or may have even been previously involved in a domestic violence relationship.

Alivia proves to be the soul spirit behind lots of fashion and events to create awareness for the victims of domestic violence. She also appears on TV shows like the Potomac housewives, The Braxton family values and Married to medicine and utilize these platforms to raise her voice about domestic violence.

Depicting a true picture of feminism Alivia Franzone is an iconic personality. She has been committed to the well-being of women and is improving the lives of the deprived peoples. She uses her voice, experience, and resources to bring greater awareness in domestic violence and the long-term effects it has on its victims and their families.

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