Sean Slick

Saen slick 19

The life of an artist is full of creating diversified content to create a mesmerizing experience for the people around the globe. Today we have an opportunity to talk about a famous English musician, who has captivated the heart of people through his diversified melody in hip hop. “Sean Slick” widely known with the nickname of Slicko, is famous for the unique combination of natural lyrics with a universally attractive melody. Slick is crafting the picture of imaginations across the globe through his unique musical experience.

Sean Slick is an English rapper was born and raised in London, England. He started his successful journey towards the artistic career after getting inspired by the legend musicians; 2pac, Biggie, Nas, Big L, and Pun. The passion and love towards music appeared at a very young age. The virtue of his talent was highly admired by the people at the age of 14. Since then Slick is enthusiastically creating the entrancing flow of melody in the field of hip hop and rap genre of the music industry.

In 2017, Sean Slick came up with his attractive “Slicko Style”. In February 2017, he got popularity with the release of his first mixtape debut entitled “SlickMatic”. Soon after the release of SlickMatic, he got recognized with the popularity of his single cover “Tinashe” with more than 1 million record plays. The remarkable acknowledgment of the popularity of Tinashe pursued him to produce another debut album based on his unique characteristics of hip hop music. In August, Slick released another mixtape of debut project named EP “Rap Scene Menace”. Due to his successful acknowledgment of both projects, Slick made his name for crafting the picture of a storyline in the mind of his listeners. Slick with his single radio track entitled “Life”, got the peak of popularity in more than 50 countries from the courtesy of “Danie Cortese Entertainment”.

“I expect great things from Sean Slick. It’s just a matter of time. He is talented and has a great attitude” Said CEO Danie Cortese.

With more than 120K views the uniqueness of “Life” was also recognized by the famous and well-know mass media blogs and magazines, as the most popular soundtrack.

In 2018, Slick came up with the appearance of another milestone project “Midnight Dreamer”. The 9 track project “Midnight Dreamer” reached the level of acknowledgment through the popularity of its single track “Joyride” with 280K views on YouTube and VEVO. The flow of melody and realness of lyrics took the Midnight Dreamer to reach the familiarity by multiple blogs and magazines including; HypeFresh and Niji Magazine.

Sean Slick appeared with another milestone project named as “Big Plan” based on 14 soundtracks. With the release of Big Plan Slick got a massive response from people around the globe. Big Plan reached the level of success through its single soundtrack named “Imagination”. Imagination made the imagination in the mind of people across the globe with more than 74K views. The beauty of Big Plan was highly recognized and appreciated by the famous blog; Grm Daily, Buzz Music, and Hip Hop over Everything.

With more than 9K Instagram followers, Slick is spreading the fragrance of a unique melody. His soundtracks are widely available on major music stores like; Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music to spread the virtue of his melody worldwide. From the successful journey of “Tinashe” to “Imagination”, Sean Slick has captivated the heart of people across the globe. He is a source of inspiration for the young and emerging talents through his unique style of melody.

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