BOS Elektro BV


Establishing your own business is always a dream for many of us. It’s a charm that always makes us put a lot of effort and hard work in making our dream come true. Hence, in pursuing our passion for accomplishing our dream, we dare to go beyond the limits and try hard to achieve our goals. The journey of setting up a new business and putting just an idea into reality all the way from scratch is a really difficult task. But managing a business that is already too huge, well established and very famous is a much more difficult task to perform. It is rather a responsibility that is handed over to others and that has to be performed just as similar as it has been executed by the one who has founded and established it.

Marcel Bos is one of such great business persons who currently own, running and remarkably maintaining the level and quality of a business established by his ancestors. Currently, Marcel Bos owns a worldwide famous electrical and technical equipment company named as “Bos Elektro BV”.  Bos Electro BV is an ISO certified company that has been founded in the year 1985. It is presently considered as a huge market leading company in Europe. The company deals with electrical and technical equipment that are particularly used for the building and manufacturing industries, Shipyards, offshore companies, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and various infrastructure projects.  It is a worldwide known company that operates mainly in the Netherlands along with having many branches in the Netherlands as well as in several other countries of the world. Bos Elektro BV mainly deals with manufacturing the products such as floodlights, masts for floodlights, wire, cable, connection and main distribution boxes, heaters, dehumidifiers and multiple types of switching equipment.


One of the unique qualities that make Bos Elektro BV as the biggest company in the Netherlands for decades is that it does not only manufacture and supply the quality of electrical and technical products, but these products are also environment-friendly. Along with manufacturing durable products, Bos Elektro BV aims to help the environment and fight against climate change by offering progressive green label products. These products require fewer maintenance costs, are future-oriented and environment-friendly. Bos Elektro BV is Dekra (European Vehicle Inspection Company) and ISO 9001 certified company that produces factory products exactly according to the European standards of manufacturing and production. All products manufactured in Bos Elektro BV are carrying most of the standard set by Dekra quality mark that is also applied to the green label series.

Marcel Bos has wholeheartedly put forward the legacy of his family to become a successful business person just like his ancestors. For years, he is well maintaining the reputation of prestige business Bos Elektro Bv that has been founded by his father back in 1985. Marcel Bos is not only restricted to run his family business, but his entrepreneurial nature has led him to become the founder of many small business ventures in the Netherlands.  One of these business ventures includes various bike-sharing programs under the name of “Bike 4 Now”.

Marcel Bos has all the guts that have made him maintain the quality and standard of his family business. He has made it possible to fulfill his objectives and successfully expanding the business Bos Elecktro BV.

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