Danish Raza (@beastmodekarachi)


A healthy lifestyle is equally important to enjoy one’s life at its fullest. The world that we are living in has no doubt changed into a global village. From talking to a loved one or buying a trendy dress or ordering your dinner, everything is just one click away from us. The launch of various sophisticated gadgets like tablets and smartphones has helped us to save a lot of time in many tasks. Though we have become smarter by having the smart gadgets with us every time, but our healthy lifestyle has been very much affected by these gadgets. With having the busy schedule and faster modes of communication, we have started to become quite lazy in the physical activities. Staying physically healthy is one of the greatest blessings. It is also a famous saying that “Health is a Wealth”.

There are very few people who try not only working hard to adopt a healthier lifestyle by themselves but also try to influence others to do so. Today we are talking about one of the hard working and energetic gym trainer Danish Raza, belonging from the metropolitan city also famously known as city of lights Karachi, Pakistan. He works at a gym in Karachi as a weight trainer. In a country like Pakistan, where unemployment rate is very high and people are not much influenced towards choosing unique professions like becoming a fitness trainer, Danish Raza is marking the grounds and setting example for the youth of Pakistan to choose profession of their own choice and still earn a considerable profit. He has established his own gym centre in Karachi. Accelerating his career back in the year 2017, Danish Raza has a strong aim to motivate and inspire the youth of Pakistan in leading them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Among many social, environmental and governmental problems, Pakistani citizens are suffering from various health related issues. Since the diet and lifestyle in Pakistan is not up to the mark so that the average percentage of life expectancy rate is quite low. In this situation, fitness influencers like Danish Raza are playing a very imperative role in motivating more people in adopting a healthier lifestyle by maintaining a nutritional diet and doing regular exercise. Danish Raza is very active on the social media, his updates and photos inspires and motivates many people throughout the globe. He has also a great fan following on the social media.


Apart from being a fitness trainer, Danish Raza is quite passionate in bringing out the athletic abilities of Pakistani citizens and showcasing it to the world. To do so, he has recently taken part in the First Ironman 70.3 Competition 2020 that has to be held in Dubai on 7th February 2020. The completion includes fast and flat race, biking, swimming and much more. This is one of the mega events that is all about performing healthy activities.

Not everyone is perfect at doing everything. Similarly, one of the main special skills of Danish Raza other than being a gym trainer is running. He has trained himself as an efficient runner to achieve the milestones of the competition that he has taken part in. Despite being weak in swimming, Danish Raza is extremely ambitious and believes that he would overcome his weakest skill that is swimming by more work out and practice.

Danish Raza is a versatile, he is a Runner, Cyclist, Swimmer, Climber, and Weightlifter. The determined personality and firm thoughts of Danish Raza are enough to consider him as one of the stronger candidates of the First Ironman Competition Dubai 2020.


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