Angelo Meloni (Basso2012)


Information and communication technology have modified swiftly in past 20 years. It has great impact that people almost from everywhere can get access to it easily nowadays and even in a survey it shows that social media has become the world’s second life. In the same way, vlog (video blog) has made headway enormously in the community of social media where traveler vlogger post influential videos and photos of most beautiful places of the world and keep familiar with audiences. They follow their passions and keep themselves out of comfort zone, today we are taking about one of passionate young traveler, content creator, and video maker whose name is Angelo Meloni.

Angelo Meloni is one of the top most influential and proficient travelers of Italy who was born on 1st July 1987 in the city of northwest coast of Sardinia, Alghero. Angelo Meloni has visited almost 23 countries and shares his persuasive and splendid videos and 10.5k photos of the most beautiful places of those countries over different social networking sites including its own  website ( and got more than 29k likes from all over the world, and as a result he has magnificent fan following on the social media. He has more than 49k followers on Instagram, more than 4k over Facebook, and 765 subscribers on YouTube, and his WRC Rally Italia Sardegna, video got the most views over YouTube.

As long as traveling is one of his hobbies so he makes videos with the drones cameras, and an ordinary camera as to discover the beguiling and most incredible places, and currently he has been working over another vlog project: “Why you should Visit Sardinia”, as to explore and share the beauties of Island of Sardinia with the world.


Besides vlogging, Angelo Meloni is an Italian filmmaker, and presently working as a Project Manager in Dubai, and there he has a plan to do Vlog about improbable places of Dubai in his spare of time. Along with that he is the brand ambassador of different companies including JOBY, Manfrotto, Lowepro, insta360. Moreover, he has also business partnership with the two well-known companies, Sony and DJI as well as he has also been working as a freelancer quantity surveyor for two years where he seeks to employ traveling projects.

Being an incredible and multi-talented person, Angelo Meloni also has great enthusiasm for the music which he manifests being a sensational bass player to amaze his fans, and for this reason he is also famously known with a name, Basso2012 along with that his music band has also achieved the eminent title of the best music of the week on the Italian music chart for MTV.

In his life Angelo Meloni always thinks that if you really want something that you never had in your life then you must do something which never ever done, and similarly magnificent things do not come from comfort zone so move out of your comfort zone if you are ready to try something new with such objective.


Thus, Angelo Meloni has set an image of inspiration for those who eagerly want to do something pursuant to their passions. His superlative talent and versatility are unmatched and incomparable as he allows his of passions to become the purpose of his life. Similarly, his greater extent of passion, dedication and determination strengthen him to leads to the acme of triumph.

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