Ahmad Fauzi (Fauzikay)


Gaming is a source of fun and entertainment. Gaming has been famous among the people irrespective of the age group. With the technological advancements video games have been famous across the globe. The evolution of Smartphone has created a lucrative mobile gaming market in gaming industry. Indonesia is famous for its gaming industry, which is the dominant sector for obtaining greater revenue in the Indonesian market. In 2017, Indonesia was one of the famous and largest gaming industries. Indonesian gaming industry was recorded as the top 16th largest gaming market around the world.  It has more than 40 million enthusiastic and professional gamer, who were passionately spending more the 880 million dollars for laptop/desktop and mobile games.

With the evolving passion and enthusiasm video games are famous irrespective of the age factor considerations. Today we are talking about the enthusiastic gamer, Ahmed Fauzi. Ahmad Fauzi belongs to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Fauzi acquired his graduation degree from his country, Jakarta. The passion and love towards playing video games has led him a figurative gamer in the gaming market. The adventure lover Ahmad Fauzi is famous for playing laptop/desktop and mobile games.

Ahmad Fauzi’s passion towards video games emerged since his early childhood. With the virtue of technological advancements, Fauzi enthusiasm evolved towards video gaming. Fauzi is a famous and passionate gamer, who has developed a vast experience of several well-known video games. Fauzi is not only famous among the people of Indonesia, but he has gain global recognition by acquiring a wider fan base across the globe. The fun and entertainment with the proficiency has led him to start his own fan page for the overwhelming response. The adventure lover Ahmad Fauzi is famous for his talent and skills. The love for gaming has led him to pay attention to every detail of the gaming puzzles.

His proficiency with global recognition has created buzz in the gaming industry in a short time span. In order to pursue passion for gaming Fauzi has created his own YouTube channel named as, “Fauzi Games”. The Fauzi Games is a platform to share the live stream of famous and well known video games, like; Lumber Tycoon 2, Elemental Battle Ground, Minecraft, and the very famous PUBG MOBILE. It is widely watched by his overwhelming fans worldwide.


He is proficient in playing the famous video games of laptop/desktop and Smartphone. Fauzi is a well-equipped player. His live streams are viewed across the globe, which is creating a greater fan base. Fauzi is skilled in giving gaming instructions and reviews to better facilitate his fans. His YouTube channel Fauzi Games is a great contribution for emerging gamer in the field of gaming. The passion towards gaming has made him specialized in solving complex tricks of games in fewer time span. People across the globe watch the live stream of Fauzi Games to get expert instructions to solve the gaming puzzles.


With more than 23k followers worldwide, Fauzi is famous for his talent in legend mobile games. As a gamer, Fauzi knows the simple solutions to solve the complex challenges of the games. Fauzi Games is a platform which is widely used for gain reviews on new as well as old games. In a little time, Fauzi has created hype in gaming market because of the love of his followers. His wide range of experience in several video games has made him a source of inspiration across the globe.

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