Davahu Barrett (Davianah)


The World is blessed with the numerous kinds of talented and never giving up people in various fields, but sometimes they experience many let-downs to prove themselves to the world. As far as singing is concerned, it is also one of the emerging, feverish and one of the greatest long-lasting essences of the world. Almost every people are connected with the music emotionally, even though it has become their first love for which they are never going to change that. It is a kind of blessing though which a singer placates and mollified people and connecting them with their souls by his soothing voice. There are great numbers of singers who despite renunciations substantiated themselves in the world.

Similarly, this article is about the 24-year-old singer of freestyle, Davahu Barraett who also known as Davianah. She is from the capital city of the island of Jamaica, Kingston, and belongs to a singer family. She attended St Hughs High school and Quality Academics. Throughout her schooling, she manifested her passion for the music as she is the daughter of Tony Rebel, a glorified reggae singer of Jamaica. At an early age, her life had hard time experiences and being a woman, it was 10 times harder to make her journey extol.

Since, she always been setting up her life by her own rules and does not want to be the slave by intimating others’ styles as well as she does not care what people may think about her. Like her father, Tony Rebel who always wanted her daughter to follow his singing and dressing style as a good daughter who never says “no” to her father, but Davahu lives with her own interpretations, thinks that music is an art and has its own rules, so the dressing is too. Her father wanted her to sing merely reggae, but she considers that reggae music merely employs conviction as equipment to make money, and she wants to create her own versatile image and worth in music genres rather confining her to the specific genre.

Despite of being rejected by many directors and producers who wanted her to join her father’s reggae, however, her will-power and self-determination does not let her to loss hopes and courage so she makes social media as her platform for beginning of her music career, and starts off to post her song videos of different genres on Instagram which got much applause among people throughout the world thereby  she has more than 53.2k fan following on Instagram.

In her 2011 debut, she gives many persistent super hits songs including Making Moves and makes steadfast progress in music industry. Along with that her latest April released records, Clean Every Day produced by Young Rebel Record is included in her prominent records. Moreover, during the same year, in nude-colored pantyhose and mint green wig she performed for 2 days on a Jamaica festival, Rebel Salute which was organized by her father, Tony Rebel where he joined her daughter on the stage and evinced her affections for the daughter to the audience of Jamaica.

Thus, her life set an exemplar of a subversive and animus youngster who supports and feeds and created her own opportunities despite numerous dependencies. Though it was hard that did not mean impossible for her, and ultimately her concentration, will-power, and self-determination sailed her boat of life towards glorious success and achievements.

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