Mieet Shah

Mieet Shah

With the technological advancements the ease of accessibility increased, and so the increase in reliance on the computer system and Information Technology. Technological advancement made everything accessible in a single from anywhere in the world. Ease of accessibility accompanied by the greater chances of threat and encryption. As a result, the need for cybersecurity increased across the globe.

The cybersecurity is the prevention of damages and threats of electronic data. The cybersecurity awareness made it easier to protect electronic data from theft, damages, and encryption. In this article, we have a great opportunity to share a similar nature of investigators. Today we are going to introduce a very young and talented Ph.D. degree holder Mieet Shah. He is well-known and famous for Cyber Forensic Expert and Cyber Security Consultant in India. In 2017, at a very young age of 19, Mieet Shah got his Ph.D. degree in Cyber Security from Offensive Security USA, due to his immense level of determination and hard work in the field of cybersecurity.

Mieet Shah was highly appreciated for his contribution of valuable work in the field of cybersecurity. He got aired on many famous and well-known news channels of India. The very young and talented Shah was introduced as a source of inspiration for India. Shah also shared his knowledge to spread awareness about the need and protection from cybercrimes. Shah is well equipped with a range of skills like; cybercrime investigation, network setup, cloud setup, offensive lab development, ethical hacking, incident response, cyber risk management and advanced programming.

The 22 years old Mieet Shah is providing his services in Ransomware Security and Stuxnet Security. In addition, he is also providing his immense services in the home and Office Automation System through his skills set in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The young and emerging investigator of India has solved more than 250 cases in the field of cybercrimes.

In 2015, Mieet Shah started his own platform for providing cybersecurity after realizing a great increase in cybercrimes in the Country. Today, Mieet Shah is the founder and director of two major companies in India, which are fulfilling the need for a cybersecurity system. One of them is Vaulttizee Advanced Cloud Computing Company, which is facilitating a range of skills in cloud services like; SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and WaaS. Another company named Cybermatricks which was established to facilitate a various range of 126 IT securities systems and infrastructure management services. The Cybermatricks also facilitating in cybercrime investigation services.

Mieet Shah 2

In 2018, the need for cybersecurity arose across India to get addressed. Another contribution of Mieet Shah was recognized in the shape of Cyber Safe India Campaign (CSI). CSI initiated to spread awareness and facilitate the solution of cybercrimes all around the country.

Mieet Shah 3

Mieet Shah is also recognized because of his best cloud company. Shah has taken various Initiatives in form of Women Internet Safety Initiatives, Cyber Welfare for Public and Child Online Safety Initiative. Moreover, Shah is helping Police officials in solving the cases and conduct many seminars for Public Digital Safety and Trains Police in Cyber Security Field.

The enthusiastic Mieet Shah reached a greater level of inspiration for young generations to opt for a career in Cybersecurity. He is well known and famous for his wider range of skills to help his country to meet the need of Security System. His efforts towards cybersecurity were highly appreciated and he was awarded the title of “Young Cyber Guy” and “Best Cyber Crime Investigator” by Ojas Foundation in India.

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