Charles Spears

Charles Spears

Life of an artist is full of imagination, based on cultivating the imagination into reality. An artist put his frame of reference in an artistic view of everything. An artist usually shows the comprehensive view of things revolving in the mind. Instead of focusing on reality an artist explains the imagination beyond the boundary of accessibility. An artist mitigates the harsh reality of the world by painting a beautiful world of desires. An artist shows the pictorial form of everything around the globe.

Body art in the form of tattooing is highly appreciated historically. In early ages, body art was used not only to enhance beauty, but tattooing was also used as a source of identification and recognition. In order to show the identification and associated with a group of family.

Today, in this article we are talking about a famous tattoo artist and tattoo promoter Charles Spears. The passion led Charles Spears to start with an apprenticeship to climb the stairs towards the artistic profession. After acquiring professional experience in inking body Charles successfully started his career as a professional tattoo artist. Soon after a couple of years the enthusiasm towards inking body shifted from artistic career to promotional career. Charles filled the wider gap of marketing and promotional gap of overwhelming love for body art. Initially, Charles started with his own blog named as “Life Bleeds Ink”. Besides promoting art and artist, the love for art and tattoo took Charles to promote the hidden tagline message behind a tattoo artist. The promotion and marketing strategies are set aligned to show the associated brand and product line with the tattoo. Charles is highly equipped to express a comprehensive background in his promotional campaigns.

The boom in the tattoo industry has been widely appreciated and adopted in the entertainment industry. Today on a red carpet instead of asking about the designer wears, celebrities are asked about their tattoo artists. The combination of unique and complex artistic development of inking and piercing body is highly appreciated among the celebrities. Charles Spears is well known for his restless contribution in tattoo industry. Charles Spears is currently working with well-known tattoo artists and tattooed models to promote the masterpiece across the globe.

The journey of Charles Spears took him to work and associate with the renowned and iconic tattoo artists and models. He has worked with the Tiffany Tattooz a famous tattoo shop of Woodland Parks, New Jersey. Charles had a great opportunity to work with the Nikko Hurtado as well, who is an American famous artist specialized in colored portraitures.

The enthusiasm and the remarkable work of Charles was highly appreciated and highlighted by the well-known television reality tattoo shows of America like “Best Ink” and “Ink Master”, where Charles Spears was affiliated with promoting the famous artist contestants in the competition. Charles was associated with well-known professional artists like; Nikko Hurtado, Tiffany Tattooz and Dave Navarro, an American guitarist famous for his 40 tattoos honoring people associated with him. The sophisticated work of Charles had a great recognition by famous magazines like; Skin Deep Magazine a bestseller magazine of UK, and he was also featured in Pressure Magazine for LifeBleedsInk.

The promotional strategies of Charles Spears are famous among the well-known tattooed models. Charles put his services to get offer from renowned clothing brands and tattoo conventions like “Inked Addict” and “AfterInk Tattoo convention”. Charles helps tattooed models to get photoshoots in famous magazines like; Inked Magazine, Skin Deep Magazine, and Pressure Magazine. The passion and love for body art took Charles to get affiliated with the nytattooexpo “Villain Arts Tattoo Conventions”.

Charles Spears passion was highly recognized by the well-known magazines and reality television shows as well. His love and passion towards body art famous among the young and emerging tattoo lovers across the globe.

Here are few pictures of tattoo designed and shared by him on his Facebook and Instagram page.

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