Anna Boyrazyan (@Aznivofficial)


Music is considered as food for the soul. A good melody takes a person into a different world. A single musical soundtrack is powerful and enriched to ignite the emotional feeling at a different level, which has very little or no background with reality.

Today, we have a great opportunity to explore a passionate and professional Soprano, Anna Boyrazyan. Anna is well-known and famous for her ability to reach the peak of her vocal art in a complex opera musical industry. Anna developed the height of her vocal range through her academic and musical educational background along with the help of iconic trainers and couches. The passion of Anna towards opera music has played a vital role to enhance skills in producing a mesmerizing vocal art. Anna’s height of vocal sound is so enchanting that it takes the audience into a different world. The inclination of Anna towards opera music was the result of inspiration from his musician father. Anna has inherited skills from her father, who has worked with the musical legends across the globe.

Anna Boyrazyan spread the magic of her expressive and impressive vocal sound to capture the heart of the audience. Her mesmerizing vocal art has created her an outstanding Soprano in the opera musical industry. Anna started her music study in California with the well-known “The Music Teachers’ Association” for as long as 9 years. She developed an authentic and valuable experience of getting a master’s in musical theories and techniques, which were specially required for expressive opera performance. The love for opera music with hard work and determination took her to receive the award of honor in her musical education. Since then, Anna has a vast experience of spreading the magic of her performance by melting and captivating the heart of the audience in her life as well as television concerts. Her philanthropic heart has taken her to perform for fund raising charity organizations and non-profit organizations.

Here is the one of beautiful photo of Anna while performing on the Stage;


In order to achieve the excellence in the expressive field of music, Anna did her graduate degree in Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Her bachelor’s degree in psychology contributed a value addition in her enchanting performances. The enthusiastic musical and academic education background took Anna at an impressive height of vocal art in expressive as well as interpretative skills to enhance the beauty of her vocal art.

The enthusiasm of Anna Boyrazyan opened the doors of opportunities with the help of renown and globally recognized trainer, Dr. Demetra George, who is famous and well known as “the list of Nominee in Germany” and “the winner of the San Francisco Opera Music Competition”. With the couching of Dr. George, Anna had an opportunity to enhance her skills by reaching the height of vocal range. Dr. George helped Anna to perform with Maestro Frank Feta. The magic of her vocal height has also taken Anna to perform as The First Lady from Die Zauberflote and Susanna from Le Nozze di Figaro, both by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Anna’s great contribution to the opera music industry has been recognized twice with the grand prize of “Armand Tokatyan”. Anna’s natural performance in a dramatic background was highly appreciated by the World Peace and Diplomacy Organization of the United Nations, where Anna was awarded the honor of “Peace Messenger” along with receiving “Medal of Honor in Peace and Humanity”. The excellence in vocal art was highly appreciated by the Young Scientist University in shape of awarding honorary Doctorate Degree in Musicology.

Anna has been a crucial part of the music industry of Sri Lanka and India, which has enhanced the collaboration between the countries as well. Anna has received many awards of recognition from both countries. Anna has continued her efforts in Sir Lanka and India to promote peace and humanity through her artistic talent.

With the educational background in both music and academia, Anna has cultivated excellence in her vocal height. Her enthusiasm has taken her to receive a wide list of awards in her contribution to her outstanding performance as an outstanding Soprano. Anna Boyrazyan has captivated the heart of her overwhelming fans across the globe through her artistic performances.





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