Mohamad Sammak


The glamorous world of entertainment industry has always taken talented and passionate artists under its umbrella. Today we have a great opportunity to talk about a successful, young and handsome television host, Mohamad Sammak. The 22 years old handsome and emerging talent Mohamad Sammak is associated with the famous television platform Murr Television for as long as 6 years, largely known as MTV Lebanon, where he is representing of the famous TV show called “AtMTV” especially targeting the young generation of Lebanon with a fusion of local culture, Arab culture, and Western culture. After a year of successful struggle, in 2014 Sammak passion and hard work lead him to get invited to another famous TV show called “Hashtag”. Sammak has been part of “Hashtag” for more than 5 years.

Mohamad Sammak was born and raised in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. But he also holds a Canadian Nationality. Sammak is currently settled and pursuing his career in Beirut. He holds a great share of experience in both countries. He did his graduation from Notre Dame University-Louaize. In order to pursue his career in the entertainment industry, he did his TV/Radio degree. The enthusiasm of Sammak leads him to start his career as a TV anchor of a famous Lebanon television platform in 2013. In his broadcasted program on MTV, Mohamad Sammak largely targets the young generation of his country, where he discusses the interest of youth towards entertainment industry like; movies, music, trends, fashion, technology and much more on his daily broadcasted program.

The professional education along with the passion for the entertainment industry made him a famous out casting TV anchor. He is enthusiastic and passionate about providing relative content to promote movies, music, and entertainment. Sammak successfully ignites the ongoing trends of Arabs, local and western communities among the young generation. The outstanding work of Mohamad Sammak can also be seen in commercials as well.

In 2018, Mohamad Sammak efforts and passion in his career were highly recognized by the entertainment industry of Lebanon. Soon after his great contribution in career, Sammak was also invited to join another famous and well know TV show named as, “Auto Focus”. The show is mainly focused on selling cars through an Auto Focus TV show, with the collaboration of well-known and famous automotive car selling companies across the globe.

The journey of Mohamad Sammak did not confine him in the Television industry; he kept on taking interest on another entertainment platform. Sammak is co-founder of Blinktonasia in collaboration with a famous play-writer, screenwriter, award-winning animation artist, film and theater director Gaby Milky. Mohamad Sammak along with Gaby Milky is striving to show a glimpse of the wonderland of theater industry. Blinktonasia is highlighting the historical background of entertainment industry with the fusion of mesmerizing trendy content. The production content varies from short films and featured films to animated video and promotional videos. With Blinktonasia Mohamad Sammak is also gaining experience as a producer of short films, promotional films, and featured films.

The passion and enthusiasm of Mohamad Sammak do not end here. The overwhelming love of fans was also there to appreciate his contributions. Besides working as a TV anchor Sammak is famous for a well-known radio channel in Lebanon. The passion and remarkable work of Sammak lead him to get affiliated with the famous radio channel NRJ, where he is working as an event coordinator of famous TV show called “NRJ Music Video” in collaboration with the radio channel.

With more than 2000 followers on Instagram Sammak never miss a chance to post his behind the scene photos and videos to show the real-life of an artist. The passion and enthusiasm towards of Mohamad Sammak can be seen by a range of association on almost all platforms of the entertainment industry, as an anchor, producer and radio coordinator. The remarkable and outstanding work and efforts of Mohamad Sammak is highly appreciated by not only the local nation of Lebanon, but his talent and artistic passion is highly appreciated across the globe.


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