Jack Safar

Jack Safar

Starting with the famous quote of lay Bradbury “See the world it’s more amazing than any dream or pays in the factories right away. Don’t ask for any guarantees, don’t ask for security”, tourism is not like an objective that will achieve once it is an endless goal which one make a tour then once again a tour of places and this is the continues process.

Here we are introducing a person who has passion for traveling wonderful places in the world whose name is Jack Safar. He is living his life full of enjoyment, the excitement of traveling and have the passion of eating a variety of foods and drinks.

Jack Safar has several favorite places that he wants to visit more times. Favorite places including Grand Via Madrid hotel, Grand Viera Homes, many restaurants, bars, and clothing shops, painting galleries, cinemas and theaters. Jack has another favorite place are Anchorage Alaska (Alaska’s largest city in the southern state of Cook Inlet) and other one name is Minneapolis skyline.

As Jack Safar visited many places in the world and he meets with people of different Nations, so he has a lot of experience about the nations as once he said about the Japanese that the Japanese have more efficiency in working and they are the hard working Nation. By travelling the whole world Jack Safar has a great experience of different culture, languages, and their way of living. While touring the World he has attended the patricia rovzar gallery and share the one of the beautiful painting on his Instagram page.

Jack Safar2

Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship permanent. It’s about joining two people in a bond, for making life more enjoy full and beautiful. Jack Safar and Willyobean have been together for many years and have good understanding between them. For making this relationship stronger, their family and friends went to the Columbia Tower Club, where they finally got married, exchanged Seattle family, friends and panoramic views. Prior to the wedding ceremony, they have a great time as well as taking pictures at the restored train station on King Street. Their family and friends hope to see a constant celebration of their love and celebration everywhere. As he has a unique personality, he married Willyobean as same-sex marriage, and for this, he supported by his friends and he has a good relationship with Willyobean.

Jack Safar3

Jack safar has two pets named Maxwell and Emma. Both Jack and Willyobean love to spend their time with each other and with these pets. Mostly Jack Safar is interested to visit the large cities where he tests the food and drinks, he wants to test every delicious food and wine of every corner of the world.

Jack Safar is fun-loving and Jolly nature. The most of time he shares his experience of traveling the world through the photographs on various channels of Social media. He has a great fan following on various pages of Social Media. Many people like his living style and way of enjoying the journey of Life.

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