Francesco Monti (@fra_monti)


Francesco Monti is the owner of the Rusty Garage Milano (Italy). He is 35 years old, born in Milan but grow in LA California, he came back to Milan 15 years ago with just a business idea about California lifestyle. Rusty Garage Milano is the passion of the owner, he himself loves dirt bikes and different brands of special cars. Though the work is his passion, yet it requires a lot of hard work and smart work, so this business is globally recognized by the dedication, unflinching sanguinity and never shattering self-will of the owner.

Rusty Garage Milano is famous and well-known because of Classic cars, Vintage Cars, Restoration, Snow bikes, Dirt bikes and many more. Along with providing quality products, Rusty Garage Milano also entertains its customers by its DJ set, concerts, and catwalk. It is one of the best platforms to fulfill the lifestyle of California and other places globally because it launches surprising products, it brings a quality change in new model cars and dirt bikes, it leads customers to get their desired cars and dirt bikes, they always show the products in modern launching shows and organizes programs to represent quality products according to the fashion and lifestyle of California and globally as well. Its products are also available on its website and other pages of social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram, wherefrom one can see the whole product, its design, quality, look, special material and its detail configuration. The remarks of users of its website and social media show that they always surprised by the creative approach of the Rusty Garage Milano. The new products of this business are famous globally, but its early launched products are also surprising, many people who love classic cars and dirt bikes, they too never return hopeless from the platform of Rusty Garage Milano.

Francesco Monti’s business has proved that they have made it with passion, love, and determination. The way the whole team has been performing and achieving milestones of their fantastic journey shows that they are passionate about their business, so they are proving it by providing quality products according to needs and the demand of customers. In any celebration and occasion, this business has never stayed behind to ply its role which shows their enthusiasm and unflinching sanguinity to be the remarkable part of the market; hence it’s recognized globally by serving with respect.

Whenever any new product is launched, its event is always guiding and providing detail information to the people’s freely to understand the configuration and all parts of the product, besides that the promo shows a whole product that how well it is prepared and designed. Mostly dirt bikes loved by the young ones, who love the exhibition and promo of the dirt bikes, especially when they see the big change in the design and colors of the product. Cars are also very precious and the change in it is always surprising because when the new cars launched and shown, one finds an interesting change in design, quality, and style in it.

Francesco Monti is very much passionate about Rusty Garage Milano. He shares the photos of collections of cars and bikes on his Instagram page where he has more than 23K followers. If anyone is interested then they can visit on his Instagram page (fra_monti) to see the collections of new cars and bikes.

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