Nayan Doshi

Nayan Doshi

Cricket is one of the very famous games played throughout the world. Originating from south-east England in the middle of 16th century, cricket has been globally expanded with the interest of people towards the Cricket game. From village cricket, this game has been evolved dramatically by today. It is considered as one of the highly organized games. With having appropriate laws and regulations as well as official governing bodies.

Since the pace of cricketing has been overwhelming, exciting and thrilling; the international competitions have made the cricketers as one of the biggest stars of the sports industry. The citizens of a country put a lot of trust in the performance of their cricket team members in a hope of tasting the charm of victory and witnessing new historical records for their country’s prestige. Be it the continent of England or the Asia, cricket is the most favourite game played worldwide. Many cricketers have performed remarkably and have set a real-time example for the upcoming cricket players and won many hearts of cricketing fans around the globe.

Nayan Dilip Doshi is one of those devoted cricketers who have achieved many milestones in the cricketing world. Nayan Doshi is an English left-arm spin bowler who was born in Nottingham on 6th of October 1978. He is the son of former Indian test bowler Dilip Doshi. Following the legacy of his dad, Nayan Doshi started his professional career by playing for Saurashtra (Peninsula region of Gujrat) from the Indian side in the Ranji Trophy (Domestic First-Class Cricket Championship). Later in the year 2004, he pursued his cricketing career by taking part as a bowler playing for the Surrey (Cricket Structure of England and Wales). In the year 2006, a two-year contract was signed by Nayan Doshi to play for the Surrey but after a year in 2007, the contract was terminated at Doshi’s request. Later in 2007, he signed a contract to play against Sussex from Warwickshire side for county championship but due to certain registration reasons he could not make it.

In the year 2010, Nayan Dilip Doshi has also played for the Indian Premier League with the Royal Challengers Bangalore. One of the memorable pictures of Nayan Doshi while playing in the team of Royal Challenger Bangalore.

Nayan Doshi2

The hardships and hurdles never made Nayan let down her spirits towards playing cricket. He never gave up on his passion for bowling. His continuous struggle and hard work have opened many ways leading him to success. Currently, Doshi is ranked as the world’s second-placed Twenty 20 Wicket taker. He has successfully taken 59 wickets from 39 matches so far. Amongst his various achievements, Nayan Dilip Doshi has also been the first bowler to take the hat trick in the Twenty 20 Cup.

The former Pro cricketer is presently running a business and living a wonderful life with his family. While recalling his past, he states that he loved playing T 20 the most. The former cricket champion is now a dad of two kids and focusing on his personal interests’ along with managing his business. Apart from cricket, he loves wildlife the most.

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