Bermuda Cupcake Company

Bermuda Cupcake Company 1

There are always two types of people, one who eat to live and others who live to eat, but both groups of people like variety in edibles either it’s in terms of nutrition or presentation. The history of the evolution of food is as old and eventful as the history of the evolution of men, but the business of food items was never as multifaceted as it is today. Right from satisfying the taste buds to catching eyes, it has become a rich industry where not only people entertain their cravings but use food as a tool to bring folks closer where a variety of cuisines are used to create a mood of festivities.

Who would not like to be treated with glanced and syrupy cake topped with color and flavor? Be it a bridal shower, marriage ceremony, baby shower, birthday parties, graduation ceremony or mother’s and father’s days, cakes are used to commemorate all events. Making and selling cakes had become one of the most lucrative businesses nowadays; rather cake making has earned the status of an art.

As a matter of fact, considering the wide heterogeneity of humans in terms of tastes and temperaments, cakes are also assorted into groups specifically designed to cater to the needs of every individual hence giving birth to cupcakes, a modernized smaller version of cakes.

Cupcakes have revolutionized the whole concept of cakes and enhanced the fervor related to the original concept of festivity related to cakes. This makeover has given rise to a whole new era of a revamping of the cake industry produced an unending competition of attracting the customers to buy more cupcakes.

In this commercial era, the smaller version of cakes has unfolded a whole new world of taste and type. Cupcake companies have stormed the neighborhoods which ultimately proved to be beneficial for the consumers introducing them to a futuristic approach towards gourmet ingredients and state of the -art designs. Bermuda Cupcakes Company is one of those companies diligently putting their efforts in the form of artistic impressions and playing their part in the mission of spreading jubilation. Apart from cupcakes, fair treats are also offered by them which further boosts up their culinary skills henceforth proving them as multifunctional entity leaving marks on the hearts and tongues of the populace. They are producing a variety of cupcakes with good taste and beautiful presentation. The Bermuda cupcakes have the highest quality of foodies’ items such as sweet creamy butter, whole milk, cream, seasonal fruit, cocoa, vanilla and many more.

The family-owned company that covers up to 15 delicious flavors of cupcakes along with producing freshly baked cakes, cookies and various sorts of treats that are required by the customers and produced according to their choices and preferences. The passionate and innovative owner and sole proprietor of the “Cupcakery or The Bermuda Cup Cake Company”, Malisa Swan started the home-based bakery back in the year 2009. After the endless hard work of Malisa Swan and collaboration and support of all her family members, the simple and small home-based bakery soon turned into a well-known and established huge company. The entrepreneurial qualities of Malisa Swan motivated her to think about customer’s satisfaction more than what ideas she has. Her dream of innovation has led her to the success that she is having now.

Despite having expertise in her work, she has never stopped learning. She believes that experience comes from experimenting and this is what Malisa Swan along with her family members do every day. They experience the adventure of innovation that makes their cupcake company a little too much sweeter and tastier than other cake companies in Bermuda.

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