Music is a pleasure for the soul. Hence there are several music categories. While talking about music, one cannot forget to limelight the energetic son of Detroit. Apropos is an international recording artist and performer whose electric vocals and captivating stage performance have led to the recognition of him around the world. He coined its own genre of music called “Modern Motown”. A rising star previously signed with Iamsound and Beverly Martel has received acclaim from Kem and Elton John. He has also worked with Grammy winner Wilder and Allee Willis. Apropos music fits every taste. His passion and devotion could be encountered through his saying: “I just fell in love with rock, blues (and) old-school…like Motown music,”

Apropos, 29, is a known artist for his attractive electric vocals. Although he is famous as Apropos means Fits to All, his real name is Austin Dunsen. He is a son of a Minister born in Baltimore and later moved to Detroit where he was raised after his father’s death in 1991. He lived a simple childhood where he enjoyed his early introduction to music. Apropos says his music inspirations include Marvin Gaye, Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown.

Like his appearance, Apropos did not experience a smooth transition towards success. He learned piano at the age of 7 and began to write songs by the age of 9. The childhood of Apropos had been passed in performing Gospel music in the church which deepened his connection with Music. He was always admired for his talent by the people. In the meanwhile, he introduced to his innate gift and made a mind to purse towards the music industry. Additionally, a middle school teacher gave him a little motivational push to go after his dreams.

Apropos became the lead singer of the Detroit Band Soul Divide in 2010.  The Band spent a bunch of years in performing shows around Michigan and throughout the Midwest. Hence, Apropos got a big fan following because of his unforgettable vocal shows. Eventually, the group split in 2015, after releasing their debut album “Tell of the World” in 2013 due to creative differences. Apropos found himself at a crossroad and question his music feasibility.

Meanwhile, fueled solely by his passion for music, Apropos took a faith of leap and dropped a trio of self-released tracks. As a result, Modern Motown was born in the fall of 2017. Although, it took longer to him till his song Oreo caught the attention of music executives. At the onset of 2018, Apropos career got a nitrogen boost as he was signed with Iamsound and Beverly Martel just after the four months of quitting his job as a car salesman. Now he had become a professional singer and songwriter. Finding himself on a flight from Hitsville to Hollywood, Apropos landed in Los Angeles to collaborate with Grammy-nominated producer and musician Dave Wilder. On November 2, 2018, Apropos released his debut album (Verse)atility on Iamsound and Beverly Martel. He had finally reached the first major checkpoint of his journey. The album was met with acclaim on both sides of the pond.

Subsequently, Apropos splits his time between the Motor City and the United Kingdom. His new album “(Verse)atility” in November, brought him in the limelight of music industry as His single “Talk Like That” featuring Isaiah Dreads was even played on Elton John’s radio show, “Rocket Hour,” a Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music. The song was also added to the official Elton John Loves Spotify playlist.

Similarly, Apropos is a man of a noble heart. He strives to give back to the community. He recently raised $2,000 for Cass Community Social Services through Empty Bowls Detroit, bowl painting workshops that raise money for CCSS programs. He also plays events for social charities. He has donated to charities including Gleaners Food Bank, Empty Bowls Detroit, and Mitch Albom’s Detroit.

In a nutshell, Apropos, being an energetic and enthusiastic singer and songwriter, has played a viable part in the music industry. His creation suits every taste of music. Although his transition to becoming successful was not accompanied by the smooth roads, he managed to achieve his aim. Modern Motown plays a significant role in making Apropos distinct from others.

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