Ally Beardsley


Life is under no obligation to give us what we expected. Everyone is born with a varied combination of strengths and weaknesses. Most people live with their inbound weakness as a matter of misfortune. But there are few wise and confident people around the globe who know how to handle and enhance God’s gifted skills and strengths to mitigate the effect of weaknesses. It needs bravery to break the societal phenomena of stereotyping, traditional approach and conservative thinking. As an alternative, these people accept the inbound natural phenomenon to take the opportunities lying with them. These peoples take initiatives and become the source of inspiration for others.

In this article we will get introduced to a similar sort of personality, who didn’t accuse the nature of his misfortune but faced the society confidently. We are talking about Ally Beardsley, a podcast star, comedian, and reputable host on a famous YouTube channel College Humor. Ally hosts a famous queer-issues podcast called Tales from the Closet (@talespod). Ally performed in Dimension 20, Total Forgiveness, the reality show about the student loan and act in the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in Los Angeles once a week.

Ally crossed the barriers of stereotype society; choose to focus on his inbound quality of writing and acting comedy. Ally is a brave personality to accept the natural phenomena of his nonbinary sexual identity, facing the society with confidence and accepted to laugh to face the people, as “comedy is genderless”, and so the happiness. Happiness has nothing to do with the sexual identity of a person. From his very nature of making fun and spreading happiness, Ally knows how to jump through constraints.

Ally bypass the conservative society and created his name and fame in the entertainment industry. She is working with strong intensity; great mindset and her positive approach helps her to fight against conservative thinking of the people in the society. Ally happily used the pronoun ‘they/them’ instead of using “she/her”.

In his interview with GLAAD, Ally shared the conservative nature of the entertainment industry to keep the transgender actors representing the transgender role plays. Ally believes that the sexual identity of a person should not prevent their career growth and thinks that his nonbinary character plays a vital role in his comedy writing skills. Ally has a goal of creating a show of own, in order to break the barriers of “one guy character per series”. Ally gave golden advice to queer writers to keep their writing focus on the things they themselves want to see, rather than putting your attention to the mix audience perspectives.

The world is full of diversity and to live peacefully in a diverse world, everyone should accept the natural phenomenon and respect each other. Ally is a sign of confidence, sense of admiration for the queer community, who are hiding their identity. Ally is a true representation of young and emerging transgendered writers and actors. Instead of hiding the diverse nature of personality, Ally focused on matching his personality with the opportunities that were best suited to natural talent and skills. Comedy is all about spreading happiness and keep people away from depression. Since the nature of comedy demands happiness, it is obligatory for a comedian to make oneself happy as well. Only a self-esteemed and confident people like Ally Beardsley can do this.

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