Michiah Kadaf’I Ralphel Owens


Michiah Kadaf’I Ralphel Owens is a student belonging from the Virginia Community College System. His major educational field relates to sociology and the social sciences. He lives in Norfolf, VA in the United States of America. He has completed a milestone of his educational career back in 2018 from the First Colonial High School. Currently, he is studying at Virginia Community College System and is expecting to graduate in the year 2020. Michiah Owens is enrolled in the field of A.A Social Sciences, B.A in Sociology, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts. At the Virginia community college system, the major of his degree is “Minored in Sociology and General Studies, Concentration in Early Childhood Education”. Whereas he is also enrolled in the James Madison University in order to complete general education and social sciences, sociology and liberal arts and social sciences. His major field in the James Madison University relates to “Minored in Sociology and Early Childhood Education, Concentration in Education”.

Michiah Owens, he is an enthusiastic student of sociology who personally believes that a society where we are living today is full of innumerable issues that are mostly overlooked. Hence, Michiah Owens is trying to become one of those who help the society by raising the routinely social issues and try to cut them out from our society to make this world a better place to live in. From now when he is still a student, Michiah Owens is putting great efforts and is keenly interested in the key issues in the society including domestic violence and education.

Michiah Owens has written about how higher education is challenging for those who suffer from poverty. He describes that since he himself belongs to a family where they lacked resources and that his parents were having limited education that caused them too much confusion and problems for them. Furthermore, he highlighted the fact that the role of Government is important in providing the citizens with required basic education. He also emphasizes that if the Government takes the responsibility of students and their expenses related to the studies can sort several problems in the society. Additionally, in his recent article of higher education, he has specified that students who have lack of basic resources are at higher risk of collapsing. He says that depression and mental illness are two main problems that are ultimately faced by such struggling students.

Besides highlighting the social issues about students, Michiah Owens has published another article about domestic violence in which he has written that domestic violence is one of the disturbing social issues in our society. Any force or any form of abuse is behavior injury to people. Domestic violence is problematic because of rude, aggressive and unavoidable behavior within home. It includes a violent conflict between the two partners. Domestic violence also happens when the relationships are not romantic. Furthermore, in his article, it is described that at the age of 3 years, he witnessed his mother become a victim of domestic violence. It was bothering him so much that the same problem may be faced by many others in society.

Michiah Owens does not only want to become a sociologist by profession. He is a person who has seen many social issues around his environment since his childhood that is why deeply associated with the social issues and is trying his best to put his efforts to raise such issues and find ways to improve them. He is attempting to raise the various issues that are problematic for society and trying to search out the right solutions through the research.