Michael Thomas Hanke


Some people have this aura radiating from them. They give off vibes of hard work and dedication. British model, Michael Thomas Hanke, is a notable example. Michael is a Model, Actor, and Fashion Designer. Michael embarked on his journey through modeling. Soon after graduating from Doherty High School in Colorado, he was approached by a photographer, Jose Amigo, who saw talent and potential in him. Michael always had a special place in his heart for fashion. He has been involved in designing since middle school. Although he always had an interest in fashion, he never thought he would be a model. Currently, he is working with two esteemed modeling companies, Donna Baldwin and EWH Management. Apart from turning heads in the modeling industry, Hanke has established his very own fashion company which will be formally launched this year.

Michael has a great social media presence. He has accumulated over 184,000 followers on Instagram and over 5,000 likes on Facebook. Other than these platforms, he also has a YouTube Channel, on which he uploads his vlogs. Michael uses his channel to show a glimpse of behind the scenes of photoshoots. Michael also has received attention from major fashion companies and has been featured in many famous magazines such as Period, and Volant.

Michael is also looking forward to breaking into the music industry. He is collaborating with producers from all over the United States. Furthermore, he revealed on his Instagram that now a whopping 87 songs are in production! Michael is a believer in improving himself and is going to do a lot of vocal training for his debut. His first song will be released with VEVO and his songs will be available on Spotify.

With Michael spreading into acting, modeling, fashion designing and singing, it can be said that he is very versatile and hard-working. He believes in constant improvement, he constantly works on his figure, his poses, his walk, and his facial expressions. With his background in fashion, he distinguishes himself from other models. He understands photo shoots on a different level and that can be seen in his exceptional shots. Michael is content with his posing abilities; however, he wants to work on his facial expressions. He also adds that one of his qualities is that he takes criticism well as he considers it as a path to improvement. To better his facial expressions, he practices different expressions in the mirror, browses through magazines, and memorizes his facial movements.

At the young age of 22, Michael has proven himself to be an inspiration for many by not only spreading his wings into several industries but also thriving in them. Apart from conquering the fashion and modeling industry, it is expected that we will see Michael in the music industry and with a brand fashion company.

Michael is most active on his Instagram; Apart from posting pictures from his photo shoots, he is also very encouraging to his fans and followers. On his Instagram, he uploads motivation quotes to encourage his followers to keep working hard. He writes, “Life is defined by things you have done in the past and aspire to do in the future,” he continues “The career you want to start but afraid to do or the coffee shop you dream of opening one day,” He ends his message with “Make it happen, who cares if you fail along the way, everyone fails, it is the matter of getting back up and keep going until it all happens,” His message is true to his actions, whilst juggling gigs, shoots, vlogs, acting projects, and modeling projects, he also has time for himself. He manages to find time for his friends, for studying, reading and training. He truly is an inspiration to young people.

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