Sam Bahreini (@sambahreini)


An entrepreneur is a person, who believes in creativity, takes a risk, works hard with his passion and convert new ideas into Reality. Sam Bahreini is a man who has proved to literally become an extraordinary entrepreneur. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully founded two companies in his 15 years of valuable experience.

Sam is not a person who has a childhood full of joy and carelessness. The mishaps in his life started when he was way too young, but he always gets through difficult times and has reached to achieve a successful life today. Sam grew up without having his mother with him. Migrated from Iran, Sam has spent his early childhood in Tampa, Florida in the United States. He faced another misfortune when he lost his father at the age of 10. But the courage and the learning from his father never let him break down and motivated him to stay strong and strive to live a better life. The difficulties and challenges in his life never let him attend the college yet he has proved himself as brilliantly skillful. He has been working in the C-level position in the field of technology retail and wireless organizations.

Sam has gone through hard times since a very young age therefore he has a very deep and emotional association with the young entrepreneurs. He has been very passionate about guiding young entrepreneurs from his real-life experiences. He always tries his best to spread the message to his younger fellows about how one can overcome the misfortune and mishaps in his or her life and still grow to be strong and successful. Sam says that “It’s the little thing we do to lift each other up and make the biggest impact in our world”.

The astoundingly high ambitions of Sam Bahreini lead him to build both, his family and his career. He is successfully running two companies. One company is related to retailing and the other one is of software. His retail company is successfully running across Maryland, DC, and Virginia regions. Whereas another software (SaaS) for retailers managing the way global brands execute on their initiatives.

Sam Bahreini is not only a successful entrepreneur but along with this, he is also a blogger. He has been writing many publications for famous magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. The strong and vivid personality of Sam Bahreini makes him a well-known, stable and energetic who believes in making the impossible thing possible. When asked to him about what is impossible in the world he says “I am an entrepreneur with great passion and I can likely be a fantastic problem solver, tell me what is impossible for you and I will show how it could be made possible as this is what I have done in my entire life so far”.

Sam Bahreini has been featured in Customer Think, Retail Insider, B2B Marketing, TIME, Retail Minded, Young Starts, Total Retail, Retail TouchPoints, The Huffington Post, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

sam2.pngSam Bahreini recently written articles includes “5 Tips for Building the Perfect Startup Team”, “Nine Essential Tips For The First-Time Business Owner”, “Best Practices for Effective Leadership”, “As An Entrepreneur, You Are Not an Island”, “Why Retail Businesses Must Make Service Innovation Their Top Priority”, “Why Professional Networking Is the Missing Piece to Your Success” and “Why Your Retail Employees Hate Their Job (And What You Can Do About It)”.

The passion and struggle of Sam Bahreini is a great example of the ability a human being to convert their misfortune into good fortune by hard work and believing in the abilities of own self.

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