Emmanuel Bartels (Pee GH)


The music industry plays an influential role almost in everyone’s life. It gives the soul to the universe, wings to the mind and soars to the imagination. Furthermore, it implies the production, distribution, and sale of the music of different genres.

The industry includes a range of many flamboyant and diligent professional artists who serve singers and musicians with their careers of music to keep up its essence endured for the music lovers. Among those colorful and diligent professional artists, Emmanuel Bartels is one of the professional and expressive artists of the music industry. He was born in the southern part of the Ashanti region of Ghana, Obuasi, but presently, he spends his life in the northeastern city of the United States, West Orange, New Jersey.

Pee GH is his nickname which he usually uses in his professional life and for this reason, he is famous with his nickname. Besides, the prominent music producer and the advanced sound engineer, Emmanuel Bartels is also an adept singer. He has sung the soulful songs of different genres including Hip Hop, Afro Pop, Rock, and many more.

Similarly, in this world, everyone is born with different passions and ambitions, and with their earnest diligence; they make their way so. Thus, music was the passion and it had always been the part of Pee GH since his childhood, and he does not lower his goals of abilities; to extend at the greatest level; he intensifies his abilities to the level of his goals, and around the age of 7 years, Pee GH began to explore his devotion for the music that triggers him to the expressive singer and the famous composer. In childhood, he started off composing the beats with the household objects; he usually carries buckets, sticks, and cassette tape to compose and record the music beats. His talent for making musical beats by using the ordinary instruments, had amazed and pleased many people.

In 2007, Pee GH began to producing music professionally accompanied by the prominent artists of the Ghanaian industry namely: Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, El, Kwaw Kese, DCryme, Buk Bak and including many more other. Since, Pee GH aims dream bigger and do bigger, and it is also hard to vanquish someone who never quits struggle in his life. The much level of tenacity, Pee GH laid hold of many people within a short period. Likewise, Pee GH won many hearts and captured the attention of people with his melodious beats which inflated his fans following as well.


Moreover, his consummate talent led him to the pinnacle of his career with winning multiple awards. Correspondingly, he gave splendid smash-hits in different genres including ‘KOKO’ and ‘Too Much Money’ by E.L. On soundcloud.com, he has the accumulation of 185 tracks, but KOKO has clasped innumerable applause by music lovers which are listened to over 913k folks. Not only that 10.5k people are following him over there.

He enthusiastically takes part in social media; he has an enormous fan following on Facebook and Twitter too. On his Twitter account has over 27K followers along with his 9,503 tweets. On the other hand, there is over 31K fan base on his Facebook page, “PEE GH”.

Thus, Emmanuel Bartels is another name of attainment whose music beats and expressive singing is the strength, inspiration, and reason to never give up. He is among those personalities whom we may see them struggling, but never see them quit. His aim of life is to make your life triumph no matter what hurdles you can face in your life, but you must make your own way to be great.

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