Dejerae Trujillo


The Real estate business requires simplifying the complexity of a city and helping the people in finding the appropriate residential and commercial property for them. The real estate business field requires comprehensive knowledge to persuade a client to accept or reject a deal. In earlier stages, the real estate business (both commercial and residential) was fully dominated by professional male brokers. But now the situation is different, as per NAR report 2017, many real estate brokers were women with 63 percentages for the residential real estate business field. While on the other hand, commercial real estate business had many male brokers with as higher as 56 percentages. The concentration towards the domination of the real estate business has been increasing with the boom of the real estate business.

As the professional women real estate brokers are increasing with the majority than the male brokers, because of their hard work and commitment and lucrative personality for sales jobs. Ultimately, it has a larger effect on the real estate business field. A persuading personality is required with detailed knowledge and hard work to convince the client to buy a real estate property. Today, we are talking about the same kind of brave, dedicated and outstanding real estate broker, Dejerae Trujillo. Beyond coping up with all the complexities of solo parenthood, Dejerae Trujillo is known as a reputable and trustworthy real state entrepreneur of Denver, the capital city of Colorado. As Denver is her birthplace, she took the opportunity to explore the metropolitan city in detail and flourish her brokerage skills. Instead of heavy competition and challenges in the field of real state, she proved herself.

She became a successful problem solvers broker for the complex transactions of her clients. She is a high performing broker, who is fully equipped with the skills of handling the complexities of the busy capital city of Colorado. Her creative problem-solving marketing strategies along with the positive attitude toward her career makes her stand out of the crowd. Trujillo is always a big help for people around the city to find their dream homes. Either purchasing a full-fledged property or just want a property on rent, Dejerae Trujillo has highly simplified time and money saving solutions for each associated problem.


Ever since her career has started, Trujillo is passionately working toward her career development in the brokerage industry. Trujillo’s commitment and positive attitude towards her job have always taken her to stand higher in the line of real estate agents. She is the one and only high performing brokerage lady associate in Denver, Colorado, with higher market growth strategies. With her passion and commitment, in 2016 Trujillo was invited to join the downtown brokerage team of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty. It is a brokerage company dealing with fulfilling the needs of luxury real estate for the luxury lifestyle of the city. Trujillo joined the company in order to get the opportunity to make her career growth towards the luxury real estate needs.

Besides successfully handling a work-life balance, Dejerae Trujillo has never regressed to pay her attention to the welfare of the society. With hard work and commitment, she has successfully established herself as high-performing entrepreneur in the real estate industry. She is involved with several community-based organizations including Homes for Heroes while still finding time to nurture her self-started events such as coat drives and providing tents for the homeless.


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