Luca Nobile


Only a few people are talented in numerous fields. Luca Nobile is one of them; he is not only a talented actor but also skilled in the arts of dancing and singing. Luca Nobile was born on 7th October 1976 in Milan, Italy.  He mainly sets his focus on singing.

Luca Nobile is very proud of his Italian heritage. He regularly updates his social media and he uses the Italian language as the medium. In the past, he has shown his patriotism by posting a picture of him wearing Italy’s green shirt and a pair of green glasses. He supports professional Italian football club Associazione Calcio Milan, commonly known as A.C. Milan, which was founded in 1899. He showed his love for the club by posting a picture of his A.C Milan merchandise which included A.C Milan T-shirt with Luca Nobile’s name inscribed on the back, a cap and more.

Although he is very fond of using Italian to communicate to his fans, he sings songs in the English language as well. On his Twitter, he has shared a video of him singing along to Dua Lipa, an American singer, songwriter, and model. He was singing Dua Lipa’s “Be the One”. Furthermore, he also shared his cover of the song “She’s the one” by Robbie William. He dedicated this cover to Veronica Ursida, a wedding and event planner. His comments show that his followers appreciate his talent and singing, as the comments are overwhelmingly positive.

Luca Nobile is very active on Instagram and has over 349,000 followers on the social media platform. He shares a day to day videos and photos. He shares skits, parodies, and song covers. His posts are informal and friendly; he shows glimpses of classic Italian cuisine and photos of his friends and family.

Travelling is said to enrich the mind and the soul, and Luca Nobile agrees. He is very fond of travelling to different countries and places. He has shared videos of him in airplanes on his Instagram. He has travelled to Kiev, Ukraine and has shared glimpses of sights and architecture in the city. He showed the everyday life of the main street in Ukraine.

Luca Nobile is also very personal with his followers. He has regularly used the website “Badoo” to maintain contacts with his followers, friends, and family. He regularly streams live videos of himself on the app. He has also been very active on YouTube and has uploaded videos of his travels, personal life, and skits. He has over 30 subscribers on YouTube. With his quality content, it can be said that this number will increase soon.

Luca Nobile is an inspiration as he motivates people to step out and try various talents such as singing, dancing, and acting. He also encourages his followers to travel abroad and go see the world. His posts regarding travelling are very cheering. To add to this, he is very patriotic and has a lot of love for his country, Italy. He supports his favourite football team and wears their merchandise with pride. Aside from supporting the sports team, he also shows his love for his country by showcasing the beautiful streets of Milan. He also shares delicious Italian cuisine on his social media to his followers, this increases knowledge of Italian culture for his followers. He is an example of how people should love their country and support it.

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