Ishmael Beniga Palis


Investment in traveling is an investment in one’s own self. In the world today, when there is a lot of the news about wars between countries and natural disasters occurring in various parts of the world every other day. People nowadays are not getting enough time to acknowledge the fact about how amazing, beautiful and colorful our planet is. By every passing day, we are getting too much busy in the routine tasks that we almost forget to look deep into the beauty of nature. If we look closer to the nature around us, we will find beauty in everything and everywhere. But the good news is that not all people are becoming busy and getting indulged in the materialistic things in today’s era. There are many people out there who are in literal terms very close to nature. They are not only fun-loving, outgoing and adventurous but also strive hard to witness the mesmerizing beauty of nature and therefore they put their time, effort money and energy to visit new places around the world.

Ishmael Beniga Palis is one of those cheerful and fun-loving personalities who love to explore the wonders of natural beauty and amazing places throughout the world. He enjoys traveling around various places in the world. He strongly believes that life is a precious gift that is only awarded once to all and thus at any cost, it must be enjoyed to its fullest. He also accepts the fact as a true one that a person can never make all the other people happy and satisfied in his surroundings all the time. So, it is not a wise choice to waste quality time in pleasing others, but it is worth spending our time is to seek the things that make our own self happy and satisfied and to do what is good for us. Thus, Ishmael Beniga Palis has chosen to be a backpacker and a traveler. The 29-year-old Ishmael Beniga Palis basically belongs to the Philippines and his hometown is a city named Bohol. Now he is residing in the city of San Diego in the State of California. He has great eager to know about medicine and how they work by graduating in Doctor of Pharmacy. He has great desire to help peoples.

He has traveled many of the countries by now which collectively are around 20 in number. Beniga Palis loves to record his traveling experience, he captures attractive sights of where he travels to and uploads his travel diaries in the form of videos on the social media sites. The countries that Ishmael Beniga Palis has visited by now include Sweden, Greece, London, France and many more. He is married to Jake Beniga Palis. Here is one of beautiful picture of his marriage;


On the YouTube channel, Ishmael Beniga Palis in his videos has shown incredible experiences of his traveling. Some of the beautiful places that he recorded the videos at include Chania Crete (Greece), Hennan (Sweden), Yosemite National Park (United States of America), El Nido Palawan (Philippines), Paris (France), Boracay and Bohol (Philippines) and San Francisco. His lifestyle and ways to enjoy nature have created attention for many who are completely involved in their job only. Apart from performing the job, one needs to enjoy the beauty of nature. He is very active on social media and he has a great number of followers who are very much inspired by him.

Ishmael Beniga Palis does not only spent his time in traveling, but he also serves in the sharp memorial hospital as healthcare in San Diego.  Apart from doing a job as his profession and living his dream by exploring the world, Ishmael Beniga Palis takes part in doing charity for the needy and poor people of his hometown.

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