Autumn Price Johnson


Journalism is an art that helps to convey various information to us every day such as news, opinions, and stories. A wide variety of media including newspapers, social media, TV channels, radio, etc. helps to convey this information to the world. The world where we are living today is called the information age and this has happened mostly because of the rapid growth of journalism. With the increasing number of TV channels, social media and newspapers the scope of journalism is expanding every day.

Autumn Johnson is also one of those amazing journalists who have turned today’s world into the information age. She is currently enrolled as a student at the Liberty University in the School of Law (2017 to 2020) in Virginia. She resides in the city of the United States of America named Lynchburg in the region of Virginia. Along with being an active student of Law, Autumn Johnson does a job in one of the biggest media company Blaze. Blaze media is a company relating to news and entertainment. It is one of the nation’s largest media company that connects to the people and provides news and entertainment through various forms such as radio, TV, podcast, amazon fire, social media, Apple TV, and cable and satellites television services providers, newsletter, web, and email. She has been working with the Blaze media as a social media editor from October 2018 to the present. She has a keen interest in Journalism, and she is also an active social media strategist, and public relations specialist.

She is seen in various platforms The Daily Caller, WSOC-TV (Charlotte, NC), WPXI-TV (Pittsburgh, PA), WHIO-TV (Dayton, OH), Rare, WJAX-TV (Jacksonville, FL), KOKO-TV and many others.

Autumn Johnsons is an expert in several skills such as Editing, Journalism, Reporting, and Writing. Her other professional skills include making the best use of social media channels and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. She is very active on social media and she has a great fan following.

Autumn Johnson is a cat lover energetic youngster. She is married to Garrett Johnson. Here is one beautiful picture of Autumn Johnson with Garrett Johnson.


She has fond of learning multiple languages. She is quite good at both speaking and writing Spanish, French and her national language English. The multitasking and multi-talented journalist Autumn Johnson is seen to post many of the news on her social media accounts. She randomly writes a description of every news that she shares that highlights her opinions and expert thoughts about the headlines going on air on her workplace.

She is expected to complete her educational degree in the major of Law that would be increasing her interest in the journalism not because Law is related to journalism but due to the fact that she possesses great interests in the political and governmental issues and the laws that are implemented by the government. She is a brilliant journalist; she might be proved to pursue her career in journalism even after completing her education.

Her other leisure activities include travelling and exploring new places and cultures. She writes in her social media account on twitter that she is highly passionate about two things that are the limited Government and cats.

Autumn Johnson is a student of Law, Journalist, Editor, Social Media Strategist, Political Commentator, and Public Relations Specialist. She is versatile in her nature and performs his job with great enthusiasm.