Evi Siskos


Many people are born with different abilities and with the passage of time, they polish themselves and become expert in multiple professions. Today we are talking about a tall, beautiful, decent, female TV host from the United States, whose name is Evi Siskos. She is currently seen working as a host of a daily entertaining show named as Acesso Total that comes on air from every Monday to Friday on Telemundo (TV network). She is very enthusiastic, outgoing and hard-working. In the world where we have a society completely taken over by men, Evi Siskos is a multi-tasking robust and strong woman of ambitions. Apart from working as a host, she also works as a voice over artist at Outshine snacks (a very famous food & beverage company) as well as for “I am pinkalicious” (a book). Due to her unstoppable and continuous struggle, she has successfully started to taste the charm of fame and acknowledgment that also incredible in just no time. She has been nominated for her tremendous work and skills that she has flaunted in the TV show where she appears as a TV host. The management team of the NY EMMY awards has acknowledged her expertise and therefore included her in one of the nominees of the award.

Evi Siskos was born on the 3rd of December in the year 1988. She is passionate about exploring new skills and loves to learn different languages and her astounding interest in learning various languages lead her to see the most populated city in the world “Shanghai”. She got enrolled in Normal University where she successfully studied Chinese language and literature. She became very effective in both written and spoken Chinese language that she graduated with a bachelor’s in the major of International Business and a concentration in Mandarin. After completing her studies, she took part in Miss Dominican Republic Universe (a national beauty pageant), where she among many contestants has been ranked as a finalist. She started her professional career by working as a co-host of a show in a radio company. After that, she became a part of Cosmopolitan Magazine web-series for Latinas. Evi Siskos has so far worked in various commercials, television programs, music videos, and short films. Evi has been starred in various TV pilots and films such as Lower East Aside, Unicorn Sky and Keep the party going. She also played a leading role of Rosalind in the famous Shakespeare theater production named “As you like”.

Due to her interest in languages, she learned many languages which include Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and Greek. Her various skills do not end here as she is a comedian and a rapper as well. She is also good at Salsa, Hip-Hop and Bachata dancing. Her versatile personality has made her so terrifically skillful that she has not been considered as an average model and actor. Evi Siskos has always put her best in learning deeply about her profession which has made her ways a way too easier and she has set her grounds in the ever-blooming media industry. Evi Siskos has seen the entertainment world too close and has tried to polish herself and explore multiple entertaining skills which could lead her to showcase her diversified talent in any of the media platforms. Her passion for learning different languages has added more value and spark in her personality. She is no more restricted to get work in the TV channels that use the English language, but her skill of learning various languages has opened many doors for her to work beyond the borders.

There is very less artist in the world who are multi-talented and have many skills to entertain the viewers around the world. Knowing about Evi Siskos revealed that she is one of those gems in the media and the fashion industry.

Here are the few beautiful pictures of Evi Siskos.

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