Camo Glizzy @Funny Camo


The famous saying of an American singer Billy Joel highlights the importance of music in our lives. He once has said that Music is the healing source for our mind and soul. He also adds that music is the deep gesture of expression of humans, it is greatly influential to the emotions of all humans and touches our souls. We all love to listen to music very frequently. Music has no boundaries and we all listen to various forms of music created by the artists belonging to the different countries around the world. The rhythm and tunes are sometimes so fascinating that the listeners go deeply touched by the songs which are even in other languages that they are not even familiar with.  The trend of various types of music that are created nowadays. Uncountable forms of music have been formed. One of these forms includes rapper music. Rapping is very popular music from that is increasingly heard by youngsters. Many youngsters have been creating rap songs these days. Rapping includes content flow and delivery of a rhythmic speech and street vernacular.

Camo Glizzy is one of the young rap artists who has been creating and performing rapping since the year of 2016. He belongs to the wonderful city of northern California in the United States of America. Camo Glizzy focuses on the routinely happening and tries to create rapping relating to his everyday life. The rise of social media has introduced the pace of highlighting everyday humor and everyday life. There are many videos made every day by many of the youngsters who creates funny videos related to our daily life. These videos get famous and go viral through social media channels like a fire in the jungle.

The influence of music in our daily lives is so strong that many of the researchers are studying the effects of listening to the music and try to use these effects positively in the cure of certain psychological disorders or even making the patients happy. We all have one such song that is always associated deeply with our emotions which all the time trigger our feeling whenever we attempt to hear it. This sort of emotionally associated song is those that have been associated with the most important moments of our life. With the passage of time peoples taste of song is also changing, so now a days many peoples like the Rap songs.

Camo Glizzy has a great fan following on various platforms of social media. He has more than 9750 followers on tweet account, 66.3K followers on Instagram account and on YouTube channel, he has more than 2.27K subscribers. His fan following is increasing day in and day out because of his special and unique rap songs.

Camo Glizzy also portrays the daily life humor and happening through his rapping. He creates the video professionally and puts a lot of effort into making his rapping attractive and catchy whom his fans can relate to their daily life too. He has named himself on social media as Funny Camo. His passion for rapping has motivated him to be a professional rapping artist. Recently on the 28th of November 2019, he has been signed as a professional rap music singer by a music recording studio named “New Carolina Records”. Some of the famous songs by Camo Glizzy include “2 minutes of Crack” and “I got Niggas”. He has more than 91000 viewers on his you tube video of “2minutes Crack”. He is trying to make more video songs with the “New Carolina Records” studio where he has been recently becoming a signed artist.

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