Reverend Raoul Wafo


A pastor’s job is to explain and spread the word of God to people. They comprehend and understand the word of God and explain it to people so that they understand who God is and how they should follow him. Reverend Raoul Wafo is a pastor in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He was born in Doula, Cameroon but now he lives in Abidjan and spreads his message to the people. Revered Raoul Wafo has shown his commitment and devotion to the spread of the word of God.

He has written on his Facebook profile “God is my passion and his kingdom my priority”. His work is proof of this statement because he puts his heart and soul into his preaching. He has over 300,000 over followers on Facebook, over 10,000 on Instagram, over 40,000 on YouTube, and over 20,000 on his personal Facebook account. He also has accumulated over 5,000,000 views on YouTube. In the age of information and social media, Reverend Raoul Wafo is taking complete advantage of these circumstances and uploading his lectures on YouTube. He also has updated his fans on Twitter when he is about to stream a live video. On his website, titled Wafo Ministries, a countdown can be seen. This countdown shows the time left for the next live event.

He is very renowned for his quotations from his events. Besides religious guidance, he also gives guidance on personal life He can be quoted saying “Beware of friends who are constantly in friendship with your enemies. They are enemies disguised as friends”. On the event of Thanksgiving, he said on the thanksgiving worship “We will always have several reasons to give thanks to God.” He reminds his followers to be grateful to the Almighty. Apart from thanking the Lord, his wish is to transform thinking of the people who are listening to him and wants to transfigure their lives.

The website, Wafo Ministries, features a lot of resources for the followers. He has made features such as thought of the week, truth pill and testimonials available to viewers who may be interested.  Moreover, he believes in followers of the Lord. According to him, God has a plan for everyone; the only barrier in reaching destiny is the need for belief. Reverend Raoul Wafo accepts it as true that people have a destiny that they will achieve.

He is also full of hope and is an optimistic person. Furthermore, it is stated in his website that they are willing to pray for the problems people are facing. He encourages people of God to be faithful and hopeful, he emphasizes that God will never give up on his followers or leave them in pain. He wishes nothing but success for the people. He reiterates that people of God must have faith in not only God himself, but also themselves. The people need to believe in themselves for them to fully prosper. He states that one can’t have a luxurious life if they don’t have a strategy. He also highlights the importance of good moral values. In his Sunday worships, he calls attention to integrity. He explains that integrity is wealth. He goes on further in his Sunday worships that Jealous are the people who cannot stand successful people.

Reverend Raoul Wafo is very active in his mission and commitment. In his live sessions, his commitment can be seen.  It is very clear that he is passionate about spreading the word of God. He regularly hosts events and invites people to pray with him and to appreciate God. With his enthusiasm and zeal, he is one of the very goal-oriented pastors.

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