Julia Pylad


The Glamour industry is not that easy as we think it would be. The society where we are living today is highly impacted by the fashion ambassadors whom we watch every day on the TV channels and social media. We are turning our lives according to the celebrity-obsessed a culture where we try to follow the famous celebs of the glamour industry. Julia Pylad is the new hot sensation in the media industry. She is a wonderful beauty belonging to Sweden. She has been a fashion model and now representing her country in the Miss Global Contest 2020. The Contest will be in the Mexican city Oaxaca form 4th of January and will end on 19th of January 2020. The contest having around 60-80 participants around the world will have its big finale on the 18th of January.

She is one of the famous Swedish Fashion Model who is also Pageant Titleholder. She has successfully won the title of Miss Global Sweden contest in the year 2019. Whereas, currently she is among the finalist’s list of the top models in the worldwide contest of the year 2020. The good-looking and attractive beauty from Sweden Julia Pylad works for many fashion brands and works for the Global Influencer Agency. She is the ambassador of the famous Australian swimwear label brand. The Miss Global Pageant winner is looking forward to appearing as one of the contestants in the Top Model worldwide contest that is expected to be held in the month of March 2020 at the Luxury Amba Hotel Charing Cross on the strand in the heart of the beautiful city of London on the 28th and 29th of March. Her struggle and journey of becoming a successful and famous model and Pageant winner has been well acknowledged and highlighted in the big newspapers belonging to Sweden.

Along with being an Ambassador of ZAHARA SWIMWEAR, the other brands sponsoring Julia Pylad include Miriams Bride, Bella Rose UK, Sofroniev, Savrani Creations, Agnes Mira Rosa, Inga Ezergale Design, Marcela De Cala, ACQUO of Sweden and Evy Alfrida. The charm and talent in Julia Pylad have made her internationally famous. She works for famous brands throughout the world. Julia Pylad has a great fan following on social media. Here we are sharing one of beautiful picture of Julia Pylad;


The brown-haired and brown-eyed 6 feet tall and attractively beautiful model is not only looking great from outside, but she is also a beautiful woman by her heart and soul as well. She is the winner of the Miss Global Sweden Contest, which is the contest that not only focuses on outer beauty, but it is specially launched to empower the inner beauty of women. Miss Global Sweden takes an interest in making women empowered and strong both inside out. This famous contest includes the combination of various questions that are greatly valuable for the working women to embrace their inner beauty and stay positive and strong forever. Julia Pylad, by winning the pageant has proved that she is one of those great women who does not only care about how they look but she has always worked out to make her heart and soul as beautiful as she looks. These multiple qualities of being the beauty with a beautiful mind make her the ambassador of the inner beauty of women as well.

The Julia Pylad proved herself on every stage of her life, she is self-managed, talented, and very extra-ordinary. She is an inspiration and role model for the youngsters. Julia Pylad promotes the concept of self-recognition and that to balance the equation of being beautiful and successful at the same time.

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