Dale Rodriguez (@dale_of_fade)


They are the ones who have enough dare to start trends. They can leave a great impact and influence others to follow the trend. Yes, they are the ones whom we call HAIRSTYLIST. Be it the fashion industry or the media industry or the common citizen, everyone put their valuable trust on the hairstylist in the hope that they will be helping them look more stylish and up to date. Dale Rodriguez is such an amazing person whom a considerable number of people rely on to get a trendy and new hairstyle, hairdo or a simple haircut. Dale Rodriguez is a hairstylist by profession.

The world of the fashion industry is way too active and rapidly growing then we just think it is expanding. It’s the never-ending wish of humans to “Look Different” has pushed the pillars of the fashion industry to create some different trends and offer them a different and unique look to them that has been never or less widely known. So, in this tough competition of setting new trends has made the fashion inventors more innovative. They are constantly and delicately trying to experiment with new fashion trends. In the fashion trends, hair styling is really an important part that has to be done very carefully and the details must be checked every time it is done. The hairstyle is a very important aspect of our personality and the way how we look. A nicely done hairstyle helps improve the look of our facial features.

Since the hairstyle is a very sensitive part of one’s makeover, therefore it is very important to choose the hairstylist wisely. Amongst all the hairstylists in the world, there is very less hairstylist who takes their profession very seriously and sincerely. Dale Rodriguez is one of those hairstylists who are not only just want to be professional, but he is intensely passionate about hairstyling. He loves his profession which always makes him to do little more than only rendering the basic services to his customers. In order to learn new and fresh cutting techniques, promoting the education of hairstyling and its tools or trying the newly launched hair coloring techniques, he works hard to become unique hairstylists whom people can rely on while thinking of having a new look.

Dale Rodriguez is a jolly, kind-hearted, hardworking, and full of life. His profession is always getting polished by every passing day and he continuously seems to be much improvement in his tremendous services. Dale Rodriguez is too energetic and cheerful that his videos are always interesting and eye-catching. His fantastic videos can be found on YouTube where he is available to be seen on the YouTube channels named as “Barber Tech Tips”. This channel created in the year 2016 on 6th of January with incredibly having thousands and thousands of views up till now.

The contemporary beauty enhancer Dale Rodriguez visited many countries to work for famous brands and personalities including Hushpuppies, DJ Bliss Dubai, Domin Guero, and Tam Khan. His passion and hard work have made him one of the internationally famous Hair Stylist by now. Dale Rodriguez has recently visited many countries to render his haircutting services. Some of these countries are Dubai, Paris, Costa Rica and Trinidad. His profession has been more sophisticatedly enhanced as he has worked with the famous barbers. After working and learning from top barbers in the hairstyling industry, Dale Rodriguez is still actively involved in exploring the knowledge about hair styling globally and therefore he keeps on traveling to various parts of the world. At the end, we are sharing the few beautiful hairs cutting photos of Dale Rodriguez.


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