Smita Grosse


It is saying that “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the World”. A strong woman builds her own world. Recently we experience to see women working in all the fields, they are no more considered less than a man. With the growing culture of women working, it is observed that women are giving their best at work and leaving great examples for others to get inspired. We will be talking about one such strong working woman who has been selected as a first-ever female executive pastry chef for a very famous hotel in Hong Kong.

Smita Grosse is an amazing chef making delicious bread, pastries, and desserts for all the restaurants and bars of Grand Hyatt Hotel. She along with her experienced 30 team members serve in around 200 events held outside the hotel as well. She likes creativity, loves to use the good quality product to satisfy the guest and to teach her team. She believes in the highest standard quality services and motivating the team for bringing the creativity. She also believes in teamwork and according to her teamwork is the best ingredient in the kitchen for any start of creating any dish.

The multi-award-winning chef belongs to Mauritius where she has grown watching her dad doing various experiments when cooking. She has started her career by doing a two-year internship at one of the highly ranked Hotel Le Saint Géran. Soon after finishing her schooling at the hotel, she was famous for her pastries. She has then worked for as a pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai, Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Galaxy Macau and Fairmont Singapore before becoming Executive Pastry Chef for the first time in 2017 at Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi Jakarta.

From searching for the preferred flavors and tastes of the native people to creating unique palate for the local people, she has now quite valuable information. “Guests here like mango, earl grey tea, green tea, and lemon. They like flavors that are balanced and not too sweet. They prefer sponge textures to anything too mousy. They also like cakes that are colorful and look good in photos.” She continuously posts many of the pictures on her Instagram account to let people know about her skills. She believes that the tastes of pastries are not the only concern, but the presentation is equally important.


Smita Grosse is smart enough to smell the changing patterns of customer’s demands. With the growing trend of social media, people are becoming quite smarter day by the day and they don’t simply order the desserts but asks to make some creative creations such as starry night or enchanted garden. People nowadays are preferring themed cakes and desserts which is why it has become important for the chefs to be more hardworking and, must research new trends. By now Smita Grosse has known about the fact that apart from the taste and presentation, customers are demanding healthier cakes and desserts. They want the cakes to be gluten-free with lesser amounts of sugar and fats.

She preferably chose Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to make it her working place and she said “I had always wanted to work in Hong Kong and my mentor—whose opinion I greatly respect—said that Grand Hyatt Hong Kong would be the best place to showcase my skills.”

She is very famous and renowned because of her expertise in making delicious pastries and she is very committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. Her philosophy is “Do it with Love from your heart through your hand to the palate”,
‘”love what you do, it will make people love you”.

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