Melanie Nichole Halfkenny (5ive)


The world is full of very skillful and versatile talents. Among them, Melanie Nichole Halfkenny is also from one of those talents. Melanie Nichole Halfkenny is also known as “5ive”. She was born in the most populous city of the United States, Boston, but from teenage to adult spent in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV).

5ive is not only an American recording artist but also an entertainer, a songwriter, and a professional makeup artist.  She is fond of listening to music and dancing. At the age of 3, she recognized the fabulous quality of her as a dancer. To flourish her dancing skills further, she joined a dance club. 5ive had a greater level of determination and passion in the music that by listening to different genres of songs she started to sing songs at the age of six. It is said that” life is a journey which has many ups and downs, and a good time and bad time are the part of our life”. Similarly, 5ive had also been through such ups and downs in her life which also proven the beginning of her new career. Unfortunately, she was deeply saddened and dishearten in her life due to drug addiction of her father, and to emit out her emotions, and get ease from her painful life she started to write music.

With passage of time, she possesses the greatest knowledge of a variety of songs, and found her voice quite suitable for singing, so with determination and steadfastness towards a new walk of her life, she started her career as a singer. At the very beginning of her journey, she began to sing for her close friends and family members for enjoyment and amusement, but the goal of 5ive’s life was, “improvement is my motivation”, and with such endurance, she initiated to take singing classes. In order to manifest herself to the world, at an early age, she got underway herself to participate at wedding parties, school musical events, and with her church chorale.

Throughout junior and high school, Melanie Nichole Halfkenny had resplendently captured the hearts of the audience by her dulcet voice and dynamic dance, and magnificently, she stood in the first place and received prizes in innumerable talent shows and best solo performances. Since then, she was committed to be an entertainer. In 2003, with her productive and assiduous struggles, she started her musical band that includes songwriters who gave instrumental shape to the song’s writing. Consistently, she enhanced and developed her lyrical skills, and in 2009, she emerged as a rapper and a singer.

Being a conscientious woman and have a greater level of love and passion for the music in her veins. In 2011, 5ive started to record her own music at the studio, and it was her one of the greatest achievements with flying colors. In her singing career, she has performed at various shows in different cities of the United State include Atlanta, Washington D.C and North Carolina (N.C). Besides, she has also had an opportunity of performing at the most popular and historic theatre, The Howard Theatre, and apart from that her music is also aired on national radio via 95.5 WPGC. 5ive has also grabbed the attention of her fans over social media.

5ive’s life is not merely confined to professionalism she has also a beautiful family with two children along with the embellished profession. She spends her precious time when she is unavailable at the studio.

Melanie Nichole Halfkenny (5ive) is an inspirational story and role model for all rising stars, who have the determination and will power to flourish and enhance skills for their ambitions. Her eloquent life struggle shows everything can be achieved by passion and self- motivation.

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