Dr. Muntader Ali Taha


Muntader Ali Taha is a doctor by his profession. He is a young and energetic person who has done his bachelors in the field of dental surgery (BDS). He is now practicing as a Dentist and Nenolac. Dr. Mutader Ali Taha is by religion a Muslim and lives in Iraq. He has completed his education from IBN Hayyan University College. He was born in the city of Al Amarah, Maysan in Iraq and later migrated to Basra for a short time. Currently, he is residing in the city Maysan where he is working under the designation of medical representatives in the Nactalia Company. In the year of 2019, Dr. Muntader Ali Taha completed a Bachelor of oral medicine from Al Zahrawi University, Kabala, Iraq. He dedicates his degree to his family and describes that his journey of studies was quite challenging for him and that it would have never been possible without the unconditional support and encouragement by his family members.

Apart from becoming a doctor, Dr. Muntader is interested in learning new languages too. Apart from his mother and national language i.e. Arabic, he has a much grip on English and French language and can fluently communicate in both languages without any hurdles. Since he has started his career and stepped into his professional life, Dr. Muntader Ali Taha is trying to learn new techniques almost every day on the dental health. By following his senior dental health doctors, he is performing different ways to cure and keep the tooth problems in patients in Iraq. Currently, his areas on interests in his profession are related to tooth fillings to cure the tooth cavities and tooth decay.

Since there are several new methods of cure is discovered and launched by the researcher nowadays. Dr.Muntader Ali Taha has never stopped studying and exploring the recent research contents related to his field. Right after completing his education he did not take even a little break to relax and enjoy some time in leisure but continued to hit the books and trying to get a specialist in his working field. He believes that the responsibility of a doctor is much more than just diagnosing the disease and handing over a long list or prescription having so many medicines but to become a doctor is to find new ways of curing the disease as smoothly as it could be so that the patients should never feel miserable about hospitals and doctors.

Therefore, Dr. Muntader Ali Taha is whole heartedly putting all his efforts to work efficiently under the observations of his senior and experienced doctors and tutors who are working with him at Nactalia Company in Maysan, Iraq. The latest methods of filling the tooth decay and tooth breakage are chosen by him recently. Dr. Muntadir Ali Taha is applying two of the efficacious and widely used methods for filling the tooth. These methods include Composite Restoration 3M Z350 Densply and Amalgam Restoration.

As being very devoted and dedicated to his work, Dr. Muntader Ali Taha is a passionate and keen youngster. He is seen to be very active on various social media platforms particularly on Facebook and Instagram. He has a huge number of fan followings on the social media channels. He always seems to stay very concerned and updated about the latest fashion trends and tries to adopt new trends in styling. He is also intensely fond of newly launched cars.

His achievement during his educational times includes the RCT (Real Cosmetic Team) 4th generation. This award was given to Dr. Muntader Ali Taha at the IBN Hayyan Univerty College (Department of the Dentistry) during the ceremony held at the university between the year 2018 and 2019.

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