Errol Dela Cruz


LTJG Errol Dela Cruz is one of the Navy officers belonging to the Philippines. Born and raised in Philippines, Dela Cruz currently resides in Sydney, Australia. He is a solo backpacker and a food adventuress. He also possesses a mere interest in writing books and writes various blogs and articles related to the traveling that he has a part in. He believes in enjoying life at its fullest is a must for every person which has always pushed him to do more activities than just being a part of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

To know the actual side of Errol Dela Cruz better, it is more authentic to consider what he thinks and believe about himself. Errol Dela Cruz describes himself as: “My name is E and I am an advocate of positivity. I am a certified traveler and a self-proclaimed backpacker. I love music as much as I love food. I am not an extraordinary person, but I always believe I am SPECIAL. I have the “gift of people” so they say, for it is natural for me to connect with anyone. I have the power to persuade and at times to dictate. I live my life to the fullest by doing only the things that I want. I stay happy, because I have to ability to control my own emotions. I am the boss of my mind, and I am the master of my heart. My life has always been an open book. I love to share my stories and experiences with others. It gives me the joy to inspire them with my words. It gives me satisfaction to touch their hearts. Some people think I am bipolar at times, or maybe they just don’t know me. I love contrasts and extremes. May it be shades, plots, sensations, or sports. I love opposites because of opposite attacks. I believe things are complicated when everyone thinks it’s plain and simple. I believe it is easy when everyone says it is hard.  I have the obsession to details and a slight delusion to grandeur, but most of the time I am a minimalist. I am a good friend, possibly the best one that you can ever have, yet I can also be your mortal enemy. I am a daydreamer, but I make things happen. I am a realist living in a fantasy world. He said that one can live a good life with a positive attitude and being versatile.

Errol Dela Cruz stays actively engaged in social media blogging from 2009. He has many followers on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. His fan following are increasing day by day because of his unique style and being multi talented and exceptional. He is married to a famous newscaster from Philippines whose name is Pia Madel Gutierrez. Here is a beautiful picture of Pia Madel Gutierrez and dashing naval officer Errol Dela Cruz;


The most trending travel blog related to Errol Dela Cruz was back in 2013. When the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) sent three Philippine Navy officers to the United States to join the crew of the BRP Ramon Alcaraz and document its journey from San Diego to the Philippines. The team composed of Commander Gilbert O. Pacio, Navy Lieutenant Marineth Riano Domingo, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Errol N. Dela Cruz who are all Public Affairs officers.  Dela Curz said it was an amazing day, they celebrated on arrival to Philipines.

Dela Cruz is one of good-looking and dashing personality, whose lifestyle and his personality are lucrative which attract his followers towards him. He is also known for empowering the youth. He said that “I am the master of my fate and I am the captain of my soul”.

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