Derrick J. Mixson II


Great ambitions cannot be stopped, it always ended with golden marks in history. People gifted with different types of talents at the time of their birth, however no one has all the talents. MC Mixson is one of the multifaceted men, famous as a song writer. But above that he is an actor and entertainer. In the age of nine he became interested in poetic writing stuff. His first cry in, march 21, and raised in New York by her mother as a single parent

Being black and getting fame in America is like a white elephant in forest, it was the old concept but though even today, this concept has followed by some white people. Mixson also struggled to get out from racism, and he succeed because his worth was greater than his ambitions.

His size bothered him because he appeared generally smaller than his little sister and peers in school. All this did was make Mixson bitter, and more eager to prove himself to others how big his heart was, by taking any challenge from those who underestimated him, being the example setter especially when it came down to bullies. In addition, writing a rap verse called “The bigger Than they are. he harder they fall”. Mixson’s main goal in his career as an artist is to “Influence and Inspire the World”, by executing diversity within all genres, his fusions, in the Hip Hop culture, with a series of unique sound, accommodating and innovating today’s world of music. Mixson defines his self as creative, talented, influential, humble, understanding, diverse, and original.

It is well said by Mixson that “ I don’t just rap to rhyme, every line is from the heart, these songs are either rhymes about subject matter, documents of the experiences I have been through, or the time period in my life”.

Sometimes being harsh and sometimes being humble he faced every problem. Time pays everything, at one time, Mixson was in bad conditions and now he is rocking the world, it was not the one day’s hard work, but he struggled every day and till the day he is dreaming for more. However, being original, charismatic, strong, with a taste of fashion, and constantly working on mastering humility, Mixson’s way with words and messages, appeared sharper to his listeners through rhythm and poetry rapping. His rhymes with subject often written and used as an enriching learning experience expressed through troubled times of his life.

His words do not mean to spread on the stage and got fame, but his words touched the heart and reached to the mind of people. His acknowledging the effect his music has on others, came to a brighter light the day he logged into a music site he used for a time.

He gave meaning to the songs by this statement: “Lyrics I would write would be more uplifting, rather than today’s garbage. Don not get me wrong, I’m not an angel but as a lyricist, I have goals of teaching this new generation and the old generation as well, the ups and downs you and I go through as human beings, and lessons I have learned from, in mistakes of others and I, Music is my lifestyle and 24-hour duty. I live it, I breathe it, and devote my life to it”

Talent got his meaning when it meant to shared. Mixson is heartily ambitious man, who set goal to achieved something, not because he wanted it but because he was happy with what he dream of. He enjoys his life happily either he experienced good or bad, he discovered the new levels of his capabilities.

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