Waseem Zaakar Hyman

Waseem XUsually when we think of versatile personalities, we imagine some elderly people with having a very deep and serious personality traits. But the person whom we are talking about here possess both qualities. He is versatile yet full of enjoyment and fun. Waseem Zaakar Hyman also known as Waseem X is a young passionate singer. He has come along a long way by now. Besides singing R & B or Rhythm and Blues (combo of African and American music) songs, he is a songwriter, an entrepreneur and a recording artist. Belonging from Phoenix Arizona, Waseem Zaakar Hyman was born on December 20, 1996.

The young singer, Waseem  have some more productive ventures other than being an entertainer. Alongwith making his grounds in singing, lyrics writing and recordings, he has launched his own business venture which offers clothes, footwear and accessories. His entrepreneurial skills has led him to enter the online fashion world in just no time. He formed MONARCHS in 2019 from his own home town Phoenix, Arizona. When Waseem first started out, his passion of helping others felt more valued to him and drove him to start his own luxury clothing brand and it also motivated him to get inclined towards hardworking so that he can become an inspiration particularly for youngsters in the blooming online fashion store. In a very less time, MONARCHS has started to reach out to the world and all offered products are available for customers in all over the world. MONARCHS™ athleisure wear for men and women is the number one source for clothing, footwear and accessories in Phoenix, Arizona, USA that are known for quality, uniqueness, and customer service offering free shipment with 60 days return customer service.

MONARCHS basically offers various products of clothing and shoes both for men and women. It also includes a range of stylish and trendy bags particularly Backpacks. Apart from footwear and clothing, MONARCHS deals with sending attractive electronic gift cards as well. The bestsellers from both categories (Men and Women) include Jackets, cool hoodies, shorts, backpacks and limited-edition retro basket design shoes.

In a very young age, Waseem X has got bigger dreams and ambitions, which has made him do a lot of creative things all together. In addition to running the online fashion store MONARCHS, Waseem X is also indulged in health and nutrition centered online platform. He has founded another productive venture under the name “A Life without disease” in the same year 2019 when he formed MONARCHS. “A Life without disease” is also based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Where Waseem X serves as a professionally certified health and nutritional life coach. He offers various packages that helps the customers get a well-balanced nutritional plan according to their own preferences.

The virtual clinic “A Life without disease” is mainly about dietary restrictions, chronic issues or aches and pains that helps its customers explain exactly how changes to one’s nutritional outlook can affect the mind, body, and soul. Prime nutritional advices are offered in this virtual clinic, where Waseem Zaakar Hyman assess the diet plans of the customers and implements a personalized nutritional plan in order to ensure the fulfillment of required results such as weight loss, dieting and achieving nutritional goals.

It is rightly said that “Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession”. Waseem Zaakar Hyman, The Waseem X is a real example of passion, pursuance and persona. He is a man of inspiration to many of the youngsters of this era. He is a motivation to many who waits for the right time and chance to change their life. The versatility of Waseem X teaches us not to limit our selves. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do, but the doings of Waseem X expounds to the energy to go as far as one’s mind let to and one’s belief lead to achievement. The passion of versatility in Waseem X also describes that it is not impossible to pursue various projects at one time.

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