The Gore Boys (TGB ROCKS)


Music is the strongest form of magic. Music is the energy and energy is the single most important form of it in the world. Without energy, there is no life. Music is a piece of art that goes in the Ears, Straight to the heart. Dance is the hidden language of Soul. It is saying that Dance in the way that no one is watching and Sing in the way that no one is listening.

When we talk about the Music, dancing, singing, and entertainment then certainly we count the name of God gifted talent, The Gore Boyz from Gastonia, North Carolina. The team is comprised of three brothers Herman, Edwin and Sean Michael. The Gore Boyz started performing in 2009 when the older brother Herman begged his parents to allow him and his two younger brothers to be in a talent show at their school. All three of the boys are enrolled in music lessons. Herman started his practice on the keyboards/piano in the age of 14 years, Edwin started playing guitar at the age of 11, Sean Michael started practicing on the drum at the age of 9.

The Gore Boyz not only has the talent of musicians and entertainers, but they are also involved in community services and they worked for the betterment of the society. They have performed Live shows everywhere in family reunions, church functions, restaurants, and community events. They have performed in Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, DC, Detroit, Hawaii, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada.

The Herman is leader of his group, he performs as dancer, singer, and piano player, Edwin as singer, dancer, and guitar player and he is regarded as best dancer and Sean Michael performs as a Singer, Dancer and Drum player. The overall team is very creative, talented, versatile, highly integrated with each other and unique in their style.

The Gore Boyz broke out onto the local music scene with its 2016 hit song and additional video and released as “TGB Handclap (Superman-like Cam)” of the the album, and it became famous vigorously when it launched Super Bowl Sunday.

The Gore Boyz released their anthem “Kisses for the Road” and this song has won the hearts of all the peoples around the globe. The Gore Boyz became emotional for their video of “Kisses for the Road” produced by Grammy award-winning producer and L.A.-based artist Theron “Neff-U” Feemster and directed and choreographed by the LA-based Hollywood choreographer Chuck Maldonado.

The social media recorded nearly 100,000 followers, which is about 10 times that they had just a few years ago. They have more than five million followers on the Instagram. They have been performing from the age of school life, now their followers are increasing day by day because of the increasing use of technology and social media.

The talented group of three brothers who get familiarity as TGB is exerted to get further consideration everywhere in country by using the widely use the public source, their social media and performing for entirely age groups.

TGB donated their total $2250 prize to Rhyne Elementary School in Gastonia. TGB won first place in 2012 and 2013 for the People Choice Awards and first place for the 2013 Judges Choice Award.

The Gore boyz are supremely talented and versatile actors of the music and entertainment industry, along with this they are also serving the society by various means. They have worked and strives a lot for their career and they are the rising star of the music and entertainment industry. They are the source of inspiration and motivation for the youngster, who believe in their talent and in their dreams.

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