Sonali Gupta


We are starting this article with wonderful saying of Oprah Winfrey “Passion is Energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”.  We are talking about the passionate girl who believes in the beauty of her dreams, she is a model, anchor, actor, author, blogger, enjoys fashion-ramp walks and photo sessions and social entrepreneur. We are talking about a beautiful, charming, and a highly energetic lady whose name is Sonali Gupta.

Sonali had a dream to be part of the glamour world at the age of 13 years, it became true when she did the first ramp show as a professional model in 2002.  After the first show as a professional model then she worked as an actor in serials. She had struggled a lot in her journey started from modeling to acting then anchoring, she consistency focused on her career and recently she has been awarded a Mrs. Bharat Icon pageant 2019 award which was held in Mumbai. She always gives the credit of her success to her family and friends for their support and encouragement. She met with many peoples who inspired her during this journey. She has thousands of viewers and fan followings on Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram). She feels chasing the dreams is gorgeous and it gives immense pleasure. For here, the sky is also a limit and is on the way of achieving her goal, nothing can stop her from the desiring to taste success!

Sonali has hosted more than six hundred shows as being an anchor. She has been a popular choice for so many corporate and stage shows. She demonstrated that fashion is voice of mind, essence, and extension of oneself. Most of all fashions are about being comfortable with physically, decoding self-esteem into a personal style.

Sonali also worked as a Motivational speaker and gives wonderful motivational speeches to the audience for encouraging them. She is one of the Indian exclusive Feminists who has also worked as a famous Newscaster. She is an ideal combination of a striving Indian woman with the perfect shade of charm required to create a stimulus. She believes that Marriage didn’t stop her urge to attain excellence in the cruel world of lights-cuts-cameras. She is indeed brimming with energy and vitality factors which are seldom found in any married woman with kids. However, nothing stopped her from moving ahead with courage on a thorny path of success.

Sonali also written her first book based on the love life, relationship, hurt, betrayal and polarities like romance, prayer, hope, and self-love. The book is written in poetry format and their poetry supported by some thought-provoking illustrations.

She has a YouTube channel promoting empowerment through conservation with sports players. She has been a mentor and owner of the sports team. She has been organizing events as well as organizes leagues and managing corporate social responsibility in the field of sport. Their focus on how sports can be good levels and community builders. The influence of sports can be helpful in shaping the personality and upgrading the daily lives.

Sonali is an inspiration for young Indian women. She never thinks that marriage is an obstacle in the path of success, but family is a foundation of achievements. She never quit from her dreams, along with married life she consciously struggled and worked hard to achieve her goals. She played her role as a model, as an actor, as an anchor, as a motivational speaker, as an author, and as a social entrepreneur. She believes that when you have a passion to do something and you work hard then success will be yours.

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